May 26, 2022

40 Signs That You Are A Shallow Christian – DK Olukoya

Published 8 December, 2022

Text : Matthew 7:21-23, James 4:8; and Hebrew 5:12

For those who are heaven bound and those who are very serious about their Christian lives, they should listen to me very carefully. This is a serious matter. These are very deep scriptures worthy of serious attention.

If you fall under the category of shallow christians, I want to recommend that you should make this morning a morning of revival for your life, instead of thinking you have just come for service. Nobody just ever comes for service at MFM.  Every service has a purpose, an agenda.

One of the most amazing statements that Jesus ever made is “I never knew you”. Matthew 7:21-23.

How can the God who made a person be saying that? What a deep statement. These people were saying “I prophesy in His name. I do many wonderful works in His name.” Maybe they sing in the choir. They are ushers in the church.

They join prayer warriors, healing the sick but yet Jesus said “I do not know you. I never knew you”. That is why these words of scripture in Psalm 103:7 makes plenty of sense this morning.

It says “He made known His ways unto Moses, but His acts unto the children of Israel”. Two different things: His ways and His acts. There is a difference between knowing the ways of God and the acts of God.

His acts are those testimonies we are giving, those things we see Him doing physically, manifesting in our lives, fighting for us, giving breakthroughs, healings, deliverance.

Those are all His acts. They are not His ways. His ways are completely different from that. So, knowing His acts is good but it is low level. Knowing His ways is higher.

How is it possible to know the works of God without knowing God? Shallow Christians do not really know God, and God does not know them. What does it mean to be shallow? It means: to be a person who is not deep. You are just coming to church but you are not deep.m; to be empty; to be superficial; to just be a Christian on the surface; to be hollow; to be lightweight; to be wishy-washy; to be retarded, light, lacking depth; and that the thing does not affect you deeply.

Meaning that it is possible to be a member of a church and keep doing service for God, and doing great things for God; but you do not know God. It is just those things you are doing that He is seeing. Coming to church a thousand times is different from having a personal interaction with the Lord.

It is this personal interaction that most christians lack. God is more interested in that personal relationship than personal things we do in His name. What I am saying now is a great delusion that has deceived many.

A lot of people believe they know God because they are working for God, but no. A lot are singing, interpreting, preaching but it is different from knowing God.

So, working for God is different from knowing God. There are people working for me that do not know me personally. We have many people employed by MFM globally who do not know me personally, though they can recognise me if they see me.

But they do not have a personal relationship with me. Same thing with God. Do you expect God to come to you? To develop a relationship with you? Certainly not. It is you and I who will decide to draw near to God.

This is naked truth which must be told. You are as close to God as you wish to be. If you want to be closer, you will be closer.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. But if you stay far away from God, He will move farther away from you. Taking a picture with a great man does not mean you know him. Knowing about someone is different from knowing them.

A lot of people can recognise you and know about you, but they do not know you. The tragedy of the generation in which we are now, is that many christians are loud, noisy, proud but just a little depth in them; they are not deep.

What Are the Signs of a Shallow Christian?

I will tell you and explain to you one by one. I want to plead with you and recommend that if you fall into any of the categories, take action and pray it out of your life.

Do not bother about what they are calling you. They can call you a great apostle, senior pastor, general pastor, chief this or that, chairman of this and that but drop that. All those things are mere titles.

They are all like labels someone puts on a bottle just to recognise the bottle. In the last day, all the labels will be taken off, and every man will be for himself. So, forget about those labels.

If you are a true child of heaven, you will listen to me now. If you are a shallow christian, God does not know you. Your name may be in any register but God does not know who you are.

Poverty of the knowledge of the scriptures: I am sad to tell you that most Christians do not know what the Bible says about many things.

They are just coming to church. That is why it is good to go through foundational class, membership class, discipleship class, MFM schools (school of Biblical studies, school of prayer, school of power, school of counselling, school of deliverance, school of prophets) and so on and so forth.

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