Abuja Church, JPEMI Unveils New Logo as It Dedicates New Signage on Sunday

By Felix Ojo 19th July, 2021

An Abuja based church, Jesus Praise Evangelical Ministry International has unveiled its new logo on Sunday as it also dedicated the new Church signage as part of the church’s special service with theme: ‘Celebrations Service’, led by the Church General Overseer, Pastor Femi Lanre-Oke.

The evangelical ministry, which vision focuses on creating end-time leaders, held an all encompassing worship service on Sunday, the 18th of July 2021 at its headquarters located in the heart of Abuja Municipal Area Council, (AMAC) Estate, Airport road.

It was all funfairs with sessions of prayers, praises and worships, being the first gathering of the Church after the monthly vigil: ‘Nght of Solution’ while the last edition of the all night event tagged ”Come Into Harvests”.

As part of the highlight of the day, the Sunday service was also a harvest of testimonies from the previous all nights encounter with God by members of the congregation present.
Not a few members brazed up to testify over what God has used the ministry to do in their lives, particularly under the calling of their General Overseer, Pastor Femi Lanre-Oke, though few of such testimonies were accommodated among several others due to time constraint.

Pastor Femi Lanre Oke

Sister Atanu A. Susan joyfully thank God for sustaining her through the thick and thin as she marked her Golden Jubilee, clocking 50years of age in good health and a sound mind despite life challenges and hoards of adversaries around. She glorified God for directing her path to the JPEMI as a ministry and also appreciates the pastorates for their intercessions as she received more blessings from the General Overseer who made a pronouncement upon her new golden age, says “your time starts now”.

The GO, Pastor Femi as fondly called, is a man known to be multi-gifted, operating in the capacity of an apostle, prophet and an evangelist, a teacher, writer and more.

In his Sunday sermon titled ‘Vision’; he preached on understanding vision, purpose and calling as an end time leader.

The prophet said ” we are called to be an end time leader. our purpose is our duty. And the duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandment.

” Every other thing is nothing no matter the technologies”. He warned.

Taking his text from the book of Ecclesiastes 12 vs 12 -14, he continued:

” The goal of today service is bringing to understanding why God created us. And how God loves us so much. How the understanding of God’s love restrains one from evils.
Reading from the book of Mathew 22 vs 35-40, on knowing the greatest commandment, he declared that loving God with all of your heart, where there is no alternative.” The man of God added.

In conclusion of his message, pastor Femi stressed:

“In generic, love your God, while in specific love your neighbor as yourself

“The love of the flesh is wicked, self centered”. He said.

Taking reference from the book of 1John 4vs10, he explained that the only way to love God is to first receive from God.

“If you do not receive the love from God, you cannot love others and God. And you can receive from God by accepting the Son, Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour”, he concluded.

At the unveiling and dedication, the General Overseer took reference from the book of Luke 9vs12, then briefly gave the history of the Church, how God gave him the vision while he was ministering sometime in Lagos State.

He said while waiting for a lunch, he fell asleep and in a vision in his sleep he was shown a full pot from where he was serving people and the name of the ministry was called to him in the trance.

The General Overseer narrated how he seek for a father in the Lord who further confirmed the name of the ministry as he was given to be ‘Jesus Praise Evangelical Ministry International’, and the vision is about the works of Christ, the demonstration of His power through Evangelical that brings about victory of Christ that will bring His praise.

Pastor Femi said the Church eventually started in his siting room, to the tent and now about moving to the smart two stories, one thousand sitter auditorium, but the irony of it is that God has already send a message that new auditorium is to become the children church.

He said this vision came even as the building approaches completion and the eventual dedication. This came as a Shock to the congregation considering the manner of work going on the project.

Emphasising on the speed at which God is operating at JPEMI, Pastor Femi said the people should be prepared for further surprises from the Lord as His ways are not human ways.

He affirmed that ” at the right time there will be JPEMI Housing Estates discounted for the people.
“Also, at the right time there will be Free JPEMI Maternity Home, and at the right time there will be JPEMI School Academy. “

“It is of note that this is a church of only five years which already have alumni from his David-Stone Bible School. It is wonderful what God is doing through the man of God and his wife Pastor Busola Lanre-Oke.

“Indeed it has been a five year of Grace” echoed Pastor Femi.

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