January 17, 2022

Adebutu, The Man Who the Cap Fits

 By: Shola Akingboye

Hon. Ladi Adebutu, the Ogun state gubernatorial candidate.

Ogun state in the South-western Nigeria is reputed to be one of the States with potentials to become a strong economic capital of the nation in the next few years; little wonder its politics and elections have become one of the highly anticipated elections in recent time.

However, as gladiators warm up to the 2019 gubernatorial poll in the state, it is suffix to note that the race for the soul of the gateway state is a straight battle between the ruling All Progressive Congress APC, and the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP. But one shinning lights among candidate to beat in the upcoming poll is a member of Nigerian House of Representatives, representing  Remo Federal Constituency, Hon. Ladi Adebutu.

Not a few political pundits are of the view that, LADO as fondly

Adebutut addressing mammoth supporters at a rally

called by admirers is one if not the best material the State can produce for its development in the upcoming 2019 political dispensation.

Charity they say begins at home, and some carved the niche ‘like father like son’. ,  Hon. Adebutu, one of the heir of the Kensington Adebukola Adebutu dynasty is reputed to have touch lives in defferent ways, not just in Remo land but in all the 236 wards and 20 local government areas of Ogun state.

Objectively, reasons for such developmental gesture is never a political as being peddled by political traducers, but has become an inborn thing in Ladi in line with his family pedigree; a tradition of giving succor to the needy in the society so to speak.

As dirtier as politics can be, helpless traducers recently emerged from their idleness with claims that Hon. Ladi’s enduring poverty alleviation gestures and unequal empowerment across the state was in exchange for votes. But divergent views have also described such analogy as shallow and demeaning on the part of anti-Ladi’s political jobbers. The poser questions behooves on the right thinking members of the society to identify with the lawmaker, who over the years has touch lives within and beyond his political enclave and across ethnic lines.

Ladi Adebutu, the Chairman- House Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development at the lower chamber of the National Assembly, has genuinely interested in offering a helping hand towards the less privilege and the people in the rural communities, including the economic development of his State.

This gesture is what Hon Oladipupo has demonstrated over the years and the man LADO has refuted the negative speculations at the different fora, though believed to have emanated from the camps of his political opponents due to his unparallel popularity that sent jitters through the spines of his political rivals as Ogun heads for 2019 poll. He also deployed to correct a political misnomer of ”boo tie dibo, o ti wole” ‘even if you don’t stand for elections, you have won’, where the wailers build up their negative perception from.

As the source of the information wrongly credited some statements to the Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu, a passionate philanthropist who with genuine intentions is offering himself for the service of the good people of Ogun State as Governorship Aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

It can be ascertained that at no time did Hon. Adebutu attempt to hinge his family’s good deeds to the education, economy, sports, social and medical lives of the people to politics.
Without making a mountain out of a mole hill, whatever the persons in the family or the entire family have done or intend to do is borne out of the genuine desires to improve life and living conditions of mankind, not a specific target for political gains.
He could be remembered responding to such chorus from a section of the audience after an impressive delivery of his programmes and projections for the State, he said such refrain allowed politicians not to be accountable to the people.

His words, “Don’t let me pretend, which is not my nature anyway, that I did not hear a wisper of ‘even if you don’t stands for election, you have won’. I think that is one of the banes of our politics.

On record, LADO has remained the only gubernatorial aspirant who has single-handedly empowered many citizens of the state outside the government’s statutory duty. Among such gesture too numerous to highlight here are the donation of brand new transformers to each of the state’s 236 wards, establishments of vocational centers with a take-off grants to start their own businesses, a kind of policy synonymous to a state government capacity.

The lawmaker has proved beyond doubt his commitment to the well-being of his people is beyond bounds.

Asides the empowerment programmes, his expression of kindness towards the poor masses is more pronounced in the areas of various infrastructural development investment such as rehabilitation of roads, provision of quality and affordable health care facilities and many more.

For the benefits of those not too familiar with the progenitor of Ladi Adebutu Development Organization (LADO), a philanthropic organization which has been a constant blessing to the people of the state as a whole, including his copious and excellence in selfless service to humanity.

We implore the general public to watch out for the next edition of of our hard copy, the RegentAfrica Times, a special edition on Hon, Ladi’s journey to stardom titled: ‘The Unfolding Edge of Ladi Adebutu’.

It is a compendium of Hon Ladi Adebutu’s accomplishments, both in business and public service sectors couple with humanitarian gestures of the Federal House of Representative member, representing the good people of Remo Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, and for the most part as his achievements reflects in the lives of his people and beyond.

Our analysis expatiate many reasons the cap fits Hon. Ladi Adebutu to pilot the affairs of the gateway state in the coming years under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), his overwhelming acceptance by the people and his personal promises to the good people of Ogun state and many more.

Watch Out !!!

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