August 18, 2022


Published by RegentAfrica Energy Report, 10 June 2022

Last week, the ADIPEC Execitive Commitee convened to discuss the key priorities for ADIPEC 2022.

ADIPEC has been at the heart of the energy industry since 1984. Our mission has evolved over almost three decades, and today, we are driven by the dual goal of helping industry to deliver the energy needs of today whilst investing in the energy systems of tomorrow.

To help us to achieve this, the makeup of our Executive Committee has also evolved. This year we have expanded the committee to engage new voices and new perspectives from across the energy mix, like the Environmental Defense Fund, and International Renewables Energy Agency. As a result, ADIPEC is better placed than ever to reflect the priorities and goals of the entire industry as it helps enable a pragmatic and progressive energy transition.

At the Executive Committee meeting, we discussed the need for ADIPEC 2022 to provide critical insights into geopolitical trends and responses to the energy security challenges. It must also demonstrate industry action and innovation that is driving decarbonisation and explore new energy solutions, as well as tackle the new management agenda, and the future of the industry workforce in a transitioning energy landscape.

The meeting stimulated a lot of creative thinking and the consultation helps ensure ADIPEC continues to be an event for the industry, by the industry. I would like to extend my personal thanks to ADIPEC Chair Tayba Al Hashemi, CEO ADNOC Sour Gas – who is returning after overseeing a successful ADIPEC 2021 – Fatema Al Nuaimi, CEO ADNOC LNG and ADIPEC Awards Chairperson and Mohamed Al Marzouqi, SVP Development Function, ADNOC and ADIPEC Technical Programme Committee Chairman. Their efforts have been vital in ensuring that ADIPEC remains the world’s pre-eminent energy transition platform, convening industry leaders and decision makers to shape the future of the industry.

ADIPEC 2022 will aim to drive change across the sector – to showcase action and implement promises. Decarbonisation and climate action will be at the heart of the agenda. We will invite leaders from across the industry and beyond to join our dedicated Decarbonisation programme and discuss topics such as methane, CCUS, new energies, and hydrogen.

In tandem with energy security, we will discuss energy equity, focussing on the importance of finding solutions to the energy trilemma that ensure economies remain competitive and, most importantly, that the developing world is not left behind. As the challenges and needs of different regions vary, so must our proposed solutions.

To stimulate the creative and critical thinking required to identify the solutions to the complex challenges that the industry and our world faces today, ADIPEC 2022 will engage a more global and diverse audience than ever before.

We will seek insights from across the energy value chain – from exploration to processing and distribution – as well as from the young minds who will be driving change in the industry for years to come.

ADIPEC 2022 will champion investment, facilitate cross-industry collaboration, and showcase the innovation driving the future of energy.

Thanks to the commitment and support of our Executive Committee, ADIPEC 2022 will be the foremost forum towards a pragmatic and progressive energy transition.

Join us in Abu Dhabi, from the 31 October – 3 November 2022.

Kind regards,

Christopher Hudson
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