Again,  Buhari Govt Increases Fuel Pump Price


A popular African adage says “when bird flys without perching, hunters shoots without aiming” the gradually and yet constant inflict of pain on the Populace by the Government is unbecoming.

Three times, in three months we have witness Government increase the pump price of petrol in the name of Deregulation.

This is not Deregulation, FOB statistics noted the price of metric Ton of Gasoline as at close of work yesterday,13th November 2020, can be placed at $410 per metric ton, when converted to Naria with the current exchange rate valued at #396/$1 it sums up to #121 per liter.

So why is the Federal Government still retaining these consumption subsidies in a fully deregulated downstream oil and gas sector. The arithmetic of landing cost, including the criminal tariff by NIMASA, NPA and PPPRA also include Depot Operators Margin can not exceed #142, fuel is not expected to sale for more than #150 why the increase?

The insensitivity in the implementation of these harsh economic decisions by the Government led to #Endsars protest.
We therefore call on the Federal Government to immediately reverse the increase as a stitch in time saves nine.

We are already in fragile situation occasioned by the outcome of #Endsars protest, wherein Protesters, Youth influencers, Media House’s are bullied, targeted, harrassed, persecuted, freeze account and gag/censorship of the social media.

The Government should heed this Clarion demand and stop toilling with it’s lifespan for you can not stifle that which gave birth to you.jThe ruling class must understand that her officials are not invisible nor untouchable as their arrogance has stir up profiling of the enemies of progress, abusers of Rights, disobedience and disregards to rule of laws which threatens survival of democracy in Nigeria.
CDHR calls for the Renationalise the oil and gas sector and place it under democratic control of Nigerian workers.

Gerald O Katchy is the National Publicity Secretary  Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR)

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