America, Where is Your Pride As The World Best, Now Reduced to A Banana Republic by An Eccentric President

By Shola Akingboye, 7th January 2021

Definitely not everyone took that American dissent who alleged that the incumbent United States of American President, Donald Trump Jr was mentally detailed at the time he won a controversial election to occupied the wotld most sophisticated seat of power, the White House, in 2016.

But events that characterised Donald Trump’s four years reign has left many wondering if the billionaire business man, who is never known to any active politics in the United States is truely sane.

This is despite his make-believe clean bill of health, passed particularly by his party, the Republican in the US senate, as a cover-up  for Trump’s huge flop in power on partisan ground.

However, there is an Africa adage that says, no matter how terribly bad a man can be, there surely would remains those who still love him or pretend to, even when there is no reason for them to do so.

To many of Trump’s supporters in Nigeria in particular; the wagging question before them would be to justify whether the United State still remains a great country that Donald Trump touted to have come to build on account of his unstable policies, diplomatic blunders and calls to fight everyone even when there is no reason to fight, among other unprecedented administrative gaps his occupant of the White House has created within and outside the US.

This is sequel to the show of shame of the Wednesday, 6th January 2020 attack on the American’s world most respected democracy of centuries.

Many described it as coup, indubitably sponsored by Donald Trump following his rejection of the landslide defeat in the November 2020 American Presidential election.

Rather, the United States has been reduced to a banana republic as described by a formal Republican President, Gearge Bush in the wake of the Wednesday’s attack on the American Congress building by Donald Trump.

In history, Whitehouse and the Capitol Hill is said to be a sacred zone that even no one can take a photograph snapshot in the zone without being picked-up by the eagle eye security agent,

But how Trump’s supporters invaded the Congress, disrupted lawmakers debate in his attempt to upturned the democratic institution, a first of its kind in history of the America. A woman was shot dead, journalists equipments destroyed with several police officers wounded unchallenged by the prying eyes of the all time intelligents security agencies guiding the Congressmen.

Cobgressmen was later packaged to safety by the deployed security agents.

All occured at the America seat of power.

Though this thus leaves many wondering if indeed the touted white elephant in the much touted American security status actually worth its mettles.

In fact, the Mayor of Washington declared a curfew, requested for  deployment of the National Guard, but Donald Trump refused, lawmakers were exposed to danger as their offices were invaded as thugs broke into the Capitol Hill main building.

It would be recalled that, thesame Trump who wasted no time to deployed National Guard to quell peaceful protests over the death of George Floyed, and freely tear gassed hoards of peaceful placard carrying protesters, but was over the Wednesday’s Capitol saga shunned calls both by the Speaker of the House of Representative, Pelosi and the Mayor of Washington to deployed National Guard to protect Congress members and the constitution of the Americans.

Also, the Democratic Party of the US has won the two Senate seats in the state of Georgia same day, that made the democrats the majority in the US Congress, but it is also regretted that, on account of Donald Trump’s orchestrated aggression and the display of undemocratic tendencies,  Republican protesters has also launched another violence attacks on electoral institution in the state of Georgia same time of crisis in the Capitol Hill, in Trump’s attempt to truncate election process.

As witnessed in the Capitol Hill’s saga, the Georgia Governor has talk tough. Many have described the strange development going on in the US as terrorism of sort and a fall out of the criminality instigated by the incumbent US President, Donald Trump.

These, indeed got many wondering if the US, a nation known for her quick condemnation of nations that abuse rule of law and democractic norms can descend this low. no thanks to Donald Trump hellish four years in history of  a drmocractic America.

Moreover, not a few world leaders in their comments have described the  ongoing disorder in the US as chaos, and divergents views wonders if the US will  ever command its democractic respect and leadership it enjoys in the global political space, most especially from world rival like  China and Russia.

Back to base, is America still a great country that the undemocratic Trump said he came to make greater, or a debased and highly embarrassed nation that watches over a death of an innocent woman in the post free and fair election one month after?

Donald Trump nontheless has tore the Americans apart, rasism now prevails in the US like never before after many  decades of seemingly departure.

Trump’s gross incompetent in power now heralded by his use of thugs to intimidate, threatens, and harrass electoral institutions in a bid to forcefully overturned the will of the American people at poll, having lost an election woefully in a landslide electoral margins of about 7 million votes now overshadowed the world leading democracy before the world.

Funnily, not even the lives of Congressmen in Trump’s party, the Republicans, those who saved Trump from impeachments early in 2020 were spared.

Congress men lives  were put in jeopardy in the Wednesday January 6th 2021’s act of terrorism openly demonstrated by Donald Trump as thousands of his hoodlums invaded Capitol Hill with deadly weapons unchallenged.

Infact, I weep for America once again.

Donald Trump, one of the most dangerius president of the United State will never be forgotten in the American history.

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