May 29, 2023

Behold The Emergence of A New Nigeria

Bola Tinubu

By Olugbenga Geaorge

Exactly few days from now, Nigeria’s 16th President will be sworn in, to begin the 10th Democratic Administration since independence. Successfully, it also marks the 7th uninterrupted Democratic Transition since return to democracy since 1999.

While the dark days of military rules might gradually be fizzling away, the last twenty four years however, have introduced an entirely different spectrum of problems. proofs of how fallible it is for a growing, emerging and vibrant democracy.

The intimidation, oppression, violation of human rights, the exclusion from active participation in governance, corruption, evidently permeate our system and hinder growth and development. Reminiscent of old faces and relic of ideologies from post colonial and military eras.

While we hunger for a change in direction toward a progressive and prosperous democracy, we must appreciate all actors who either goodly or badly contribute to sustaining our democracy. Fact remains, a little democracy is better than no democracy at all!

Let us, as a people, learn from our mistakes, advocate and build active political citizens, who understand the importance and efficacy of people-oriented governance. And Nigeria’s greatness will shine brightest.

My two cents.
I am Olugbenga George

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