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Buhari Set for Victory, Ex -Lagos PDP Chairman

Posted by Admin – January 5, 2019.

Head, Buhari/Osinbajo Presidential  Campaign Support Group (Southwest) Alhaji Moshood Salvador has said President Muhammadu Buhari will win next month election.

Salvador who spoke on Saturday at  APC rally, Maryland, Lagos said the votes from the Northwest and Southwest was fully  guarantee to the President.

He added that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar campaign to restructure the country was not genuine.

He said the party lacked the capacity to implement such programme.

Salvador explained that the country’s political configuration made it impossible, stressing all sections must be involved to restructure the country.

He advised those playing the restructuring card ahead of the election, to stop being mischievous.

He said: “The PDP knows that restructuring of the country is the agenda of the Southern Nigeria. The party knows that the only way restructuring can gain dominance is to ask the old men in the south to talk about it.

“What have these old men been doing this while? Some of them joined politics when they were 27 years old and are now in their 90s. Why has it been impossible for them to restructure over the years and is it now they are over ninety, they can achieve it?

“Restructuring we agreed is a southern agenda. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was there for eight years, he did not restructure because he knew the truth that it is not feasible. Jonathan was there, he never talk of restructuring. He only talked of derivation because it benefitted his own region alone.

“How comes the Yoruba are championing restructuring because it is almost impossible. We are under a democratic administration, and it is always a game of number, even when you want to go to referendum, the National Assembly has to be set aside. But is the National Assembly ready to be set aside? So, restructuring is not possible under the dispensation.

Salvador said the alternative was for states to come together for economic gains, where they can channel their resources and make direct economic investment instead of looking up to federal handouts.

According to him, since restructuring was not a northern agenda, the issue would always be defeated through popular votes.

He noted that the PDP Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar would later come up with excuses why he could not restructure because of the inherent challenges.

“The record of the PVC we have shows that the Southwest has 14 million voters, the Southeast 7 million and the South-south 7 million voters. Then go to the North which does not have restructuring as its agenda; Northwest has 18.9 million votes, Northeast 12 million and North central has 10 million votes.

“All these put together show that the north will defeat the south on the restructuring agenda, so it is not within the power of Atiku to say he would restructure or north but the constitution has to be followed to achieve it.”

The APC chieftain promised to completely defeat the PDP in Lagos, stressing the party was no longer in existence in the state.

“The last vestiges of the PDP had been removed when I dumped the party with millions of my supporters. In the last election, APC polled 794,000 votes while PDP 620,000 votes. The trend will change in the coming election.

“To prove to the PDP that I have the grassroots power, the political power in Lagos, this time APC will poll more than one million votes while the PDP will score less than six hundred thousand votes,” he said.

Speaking at the event Senator Anthony Adefuye urged party members to move from house to house to canvass for votes. He said victory for President Muhammadu Buhari would provide opportunity for the Southwest to reassert itself for future election.

He advised party members to forget whatever acrimony that came up in the selection of candidates being presented for the elections.

“Some people may have been offended during the primary that is not enough to revolt against the APC’s candidates. Let vote them first and we can later resolve whatever issues we have later.

“There is no doubt the APC led administration in Lagos has performed remarkably. We have stand firm with Babatunde Sanwo- Olu, we have to support the senatorial candidates, House of Representatives candidate, state house of assembly candidates in the election.”

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