COVID-19: Ooni Advocates Alternative Medicine, Prescribes 8 Yoruba Curative Methods

..Reveals Coronavirus Pandemic Was Predicted By Ifa Recently

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Ooni of Ife

By Shola Akingboye – 31 March, 2020

The Aroole Oduduwa, Alayeluwa Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi on Monday urged government at federal and state levels to collaborate with herbal medicine practitioners on curative measures to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, as he prescribes eight alternative traditional methods to fight the menace of the dreaded disease.

Addressing a press conference in his palace in Ile-Ife, Oba Ogunwusi though commended the private sector and philanthropic Nigerians for their intervention and support through the donation of funds to contain the spread of COVID-19; he further contended that instances have proven the efficacy of herbal medicine in tackling chronic and terminal diseases, saying the government should explore potentials of alternative medicine to cure COVID-19.

Ooni palace in ile Ife

The paramount traditional ruler in Yoruba land tasked Nigerians to complement the efforts of the government by adhering to guidelines and precautionary measures, including stay-at-home order to checkmate the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, “the world will never be the same again, we should all listen to the stay at home measures, reflect and bond with the creator. Whoever needs isolation should remain in isolation. We should observe the social distance, wash hands regularly, you might be a carrier without knowing.”

“A divine proclamation came out to the world last year June 6th 2019, during the World Ifa Festival – Otura Meji. We foretold about the impending rage of this invisible pandemic war, but few heard us.

“Please note that Ephod/ Urim and Thurim are in the holy Books. They are the same as the ancient readings that have not failed us to date.”

“On this throne, I work very closely with all the nations of the world most especially the nation of Cuba. Centuries go by, the nation of Cuba holds dearly the tenets of our ancestors and rely on the blessings of the mystery of nature, and as a result, they have the best medical care in the world. They are the only country that has come out boldly to help the world.”

“I also challenge researchers both in Nigeria and the world to make these natural herbs into clinical medicine and extract the vaccines from it. I am ready to work with them and provide huge access to the herbs. It is real and it works. I have a lot gathered together for the use of mankind. I’m also currently working with Yem Kem International (Alternative Medicine Expert) pharmaceutical company for the packaging and distribution of these globally.”

“The pandemic showed that there is no perfect system globally.

“The developed world was also exposed. Its a lesson for world leaders, we should all contribute towards making a better nation.

“If countries like the USA could be badly hit, we should work with govt. The private sector has shown its ability to work with the government through their contributions.”

“We should all bring whatever we can harness to help humanity. The private sector should do more to help humanity in Nigeria.

“The political leader should look at the positives, how we can run government remotely, the work at home initiative should be implemented. people must not be on the street to be productive.”

“We should put more funds in the health sector, we should also focus on all other diseases killing and invest hugely in the health sector.

“We should not condemn the alternative medical practitioner at this point in time. I attest to its potency.”

“It is important for us to fashion how to help one another and find a means to keep our habitat save.

“We are all stuck in this country, the rich, the poor and all are together. It is our country and we must strive to help one another.

“We should learn from the worst-hit nations and find a means to survive the scourge”, Oba Ogunwusi stressed.
“In another instance, the 51st Ooni of Ife while prescribing a list of the herbs (eight in total) via is Instagram and Twitter social media accounts said the coronavirus pandemic was foretold during the “2019 World Ifa Festival”.

“A divine proclamation came out to the world last year June 6th 2019, during the World Ifa Festival – Otura Meji. We foretold about the impending rage of this invisible pandemic war, but few heard us.” Ifá is a system of divination majorly practiced by the Yoruba ethnic in Nigeria. Also practiced as a religion, Yoruba god, “Orunmila” is accosted the title of the Grand Priest of Ifá and regarded as the one who revealed divinity and prophecy to the world.
 The chief priest and custodian of the holy city of all the Yorubas, Ile-Ife, listed the herbs as follow: 1. Yoruba (ewe akoko); English ( boundary tree); Botanical name ( Newbouldia laevis) 2. Yoruba( dogoyaro); English (nim tree or Indian lilac); Botanical (Azadirachta indica) 3. Yoruba (Alubosa); English (Onion); Botanical (Allium cepa) 4. Yoruba (Ogirisako); English (Forest anchomanes) (Blume); Botanical (Anchomanes difformis) 5. Yoruba (Aridan); English (Aridan fruit); Botanical ( Tetrapleura tetraptera) 6. Yoruba (Eeru or Erinje); English (African pepper, Guinia pepper); Botanical (Xylopia aethiopica) 7. Yoruba (Ewuro); English (Bitter leaf); Botanical (Vernonia amygdalina) 8. Yoruba (Iyin ojo); English (Sulfur)”

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