August 18, 2022

Craftsmanship Is the Foundation of Engineering, Says Prof. James Eke

Professor James Eke

By Felix Ojo, 25th February 2022

The national chairman of the
Committee of Deans of Engineering and Technology Of Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology, CODET, Professor James Eke, has said CODET is a brainchild of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), says CODET’s main objective is to scale up the standard of engineering and technology education in Nigeria.

The Dean of Engineering at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology stated this in an interview with our correspondent, Felix Ojo, at the 1st Biannual meeting of the body held at the Nile University, Abuja on Thursday.

Prof. Eke

According to the Dean, he said CODET is the field worker that ensures the upgrade of the engineering students to meet up with the nation’s industrial manpower demands and make competitive in any part of the world.

He said in achieving its goal, the Committee has embarked on several programs to prepare and develop engineering students, one of which he said is the collaboration with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, codenamed: CODET-MAN Collaboration.

” presently we have this collaboration where the industries come to the institutions and have interactions with the lecturers and the students in the laboratories and classrooms

“Lecturers on their part go to the industries to have interaction with them, look at the productions, the practical aspect of things”, he said.

Highlighting the significance of the collaboration, Don noted that the industries are the ones with the machines, while the universities make use of the equipment for practical purposes.

“Also, in the collaboration, Engineering students can now be involved in any Engineering projects taking place in the town of their institutions, and this helps the students to acquaints themselves with the industrial system and also helps their entrepreneur skills”. He said.

While describing the collaboration between CODET and MAN as a healthy synergy, he revealed that the committee is also in partnership with other global bodies.

The professor further reacted to arrays of innovations by young Nigerian talents, who have demonstrated marvellous innovations such as electric motorcycles, a fuel-less car like the one in Nekede. He commended their craftsmanship and work prototypes.

“The country is blessed with needed resources, human and raw materials, what is required is the will”.
“If we can get our steel companies working, producing vehicles will not take us one year because the concepts are there and will be a source of raw materials for our industries and we would not have to depend on China to construct our railways.”

The renowned Professor concluded by reiterating the commitment of COREN to craftsmanship, which he said would bring about the industrial revolution in the country.

He says ” COREN is getting into craftmanship cader where Nigeria will be producing machines needed by the industries, what we do now is fixing our assembling plants.
“Fixing is not manufacturing, manufacturing is using the machines and raw materials to produce products, assembling plants are just peripherals, the foundation is not there yet”.

Professor James Eke has always been an advocate for youth emancipation. He advised that the young talents and craftsmen should seek education in all they do.
“The young people need education, education is important to broaden their minds to become more creative.
“However, they should take up courses in areas of their interest,” he advised” He added.

He also appealed to the governments to support the youth, in creating reformed policies, providing the enabling environment and the needed capital to attain the desired Engineering and industrial revolution.

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