May 26, 2022

Dirty Stories of Maureen Badejo, Fake News Blogger Who Blackmailed MFM GO …To Pay N500m Damage

…Conspiracy of Funke Ashekun

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Only the deep can be call to the deep goes the cliche, and blackmails of men of God or dragging names of their ministries in the mud to earn cheap traffic for blogs, are all sinisters prone to highly controversial and questionable characters, such as one who failed to appear in court to defend her action. This is the case of Maureen Badejo, a UK based blogger recently slammed N500 million  by a Nigerian court as damages for defaming the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, Dr DK Olukoya and his ministry MFM. 

Published February 2020 by Adefela Jokotoye, London (Nigerian Concord).

Nigerian Concord had gathered during its independent investigation that Maureen Badejo had entered into marriage with four different men in the last ten years.

According to our findings, she has been collecting money ranging from 3,000 Pounds to 6,000 Pounds from unsuspecting men from Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon with a promise of getting them United Kingdom Residence Permit after marriage.

Nigerian Concord had during its investigation spoken with an unnamed official of the United Kingdom Border Agency through the Immigration Enforcement hotline, 0300123 7000, who confirmed a case of sham marriage against Maureen Badejo.

The official said Maureen was invited for interrogations in October and December, 2019 by the UK Border Force that is investigating the matter.

According to the official, she was released on the two occasions pending the outcome of the investigation into the petitions which two Nigerian men, one Ghanian man and one Cameroonian man had filed against her.

Recall that sham marriage in the United Kingdom is a form of immigration fraud in the UK, undertaken to gain legal immigrant status.

It is also a marriage or civil partnership where the relationship is not genuine but one party hopes to gain an immigration advantage from it.

Our source confirmed that one of the petitions states that Ms. Maureen began a relationship with a Nigerian man (name withheld for security reasons) who had overstayed his student visa in 2010 after collecting a sum of 3,000 Pounds from him but failed to go on with the marriage plan for fears of being held by immigration officers.

Also in 2012, Maureen according to another petition, took 4,000 Pounds from another Nigerian man (Name withheld for security reasons) who had overstayed his visitors visa with an agreement to marry him legally under the UK marriage Act but she disrupted the plans half way.

Another document made available to Nigerian Concord by our source at the UK Border Force confirms that in December 2013, Ms. Maureen Badejo commenced a relationship with a Ghanian national and moved in with him in February 2014 after collecting 4,800 Pound for a sham marriage.

The document stated that they were to be married on 19 May 2015 but immigration officers who interviewed them found out that, although there was a relationship going on but there was no genuine proof that they had a relationship leading to marriage.

Another document obtained by our investigators at the UK Border Force indicates that in October 2018, the blogger, Maureen, fraudulently took the sum of 6,000 Pound from a Cameroonian who had overstayed his visitor visa in 2016.

Maureen according to the document promised to get him a UK resident permit through marriage but the marriage plan was turned down by UK immigration officers who interviewed them.

However, the UK Border Force has commenced an intensive investigation into all the allegation of marriage scandals against the blogger who has also been invited for further questioning in the third week of February, 2020.

Our source at the Border agency said that she stands the chance of going to jail and as well pay a fine if the petitioners can appear to testify against her in court and as well claim responsibilities for the petitions.

All efforts to reach her on phone for her reactions to the allegations and ongoing investigations against her were unsuccessful as she was shouting on our reporter who called her on two occasions.

Meanwhile, RegentAfrica Times recalls how Maureen Badejo among other allegations of cheap blackmails against men of God in particular, had around September 2020 took on the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, Dr DK Olukoya in a bid to drag the name of the Church in the mud in her usual fake news and unsubstantiated report, accusing Olukoya of fraudulent allegations against the man of God using her social media handles.

Though not a few among the teaming millions of  followers of the church and the general public had rained curses on Maureen Badejo, even before a Nigerian High Court slammed N500 million defirmation penalty on her following her refusal to appear before the court to defend what many described as evil blackmail against the highly referred Dr Olukoya and his Church.

Maureen Badejo to pay ₦500 million to the MFM and its GO

“I cannot imagine a worse case of reckless defamation or evil use of the internet and social media,” the judge said.”

The above are words of the judge, Biodun Akinyemi, while delivering the judgment, also ordered Ms Badejo, the proprietor of Gio TV, to pull down and erase the offending online publications concerning the claimants from the internet.

The judge further ordered the blogger to tender a written apology and retraction of the offending publications prominently on social media and at least three national dailies.

“Watching and listening to the broadcasts when demonstrated in open court, I was taken aback at the reckless and defiant attitude of the defendant,” said the judge.

“What was more, it was a phone-in programme in which the defendant even granted audience to the public to make contributions on the information provided by her concerning the claimants.

“I cannot imagine a worse case of reckless defamation or evil use of the internet and social media. Considering the totality of the circumstances of this case, and in particular the conduct of the defendant, I am of the view that the claimants deserve to be substantially compensated in aggravated and exemplary damages.”

The suit

The claimants had filed a suit before the court on September 7, 2020, seeking ₦10 billion compensation for aggravated and exemplary damages.

The judgment was delivered on February 9, but PREMIUM TIMES obtained a certified true copy of the document on Friday.

Ms Badejo was, last year, accused of using her social media channels to blackmail Mr Olukoya and his church on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

She claimed that Mr Olukoya and his church, the claimants, duped the United States Government by selling his books in the U.S. without paying due tax.

She also alleged that a pastor from MFM in the UK paid £150,000 into the personal account of Mr Olukoya and then went to Nigeria to meet the cleric so he could help him cover up his fraud.

According to the two witnesses called by the claimants, the blogger’s broadcast gave them the impression that Mr Olukoya has a pending case against him in the UK and “being a fraudulent and criminally-minded person, had no moral content to hold the office of clergyman and spiritual counsellor to millions of people all over the world.”

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The witnesses were Frederic Alewi and Ayodeji Owolabi, two pastors in the MF.

The judge said he found the evidence of the witnesses to be “uncontradicted and unchallenged.”

On September 15, the court ordered that the defendant be served originating processes by DHL courier service and given time to appear and defend herself.

With the time given to the defendant having elapsed, the claimants filed an application for judgment in default, which the court granted.

The judge said the defendant was afforded every possible opportunity of being heard but she chose not to take advantage of it.

The judgment was delivered on February 9, against Maureen who failed to appear in court.

Conspiracy Theory of Funke Ashekun, Maureen’s conspirator; Femi Oyewale, a public analyst and investigative journalist writes from Lagos, this:

The Holy Bible is by far the most awesome compendium of all time. It tells it as it was yesterday, as it is today and how it will be tomorrow. But one scripture that I ponder about all the time is that of Jeremiah 17:9-10 which says “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the Lord search the heart; I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings. I am here again to speak woe unto the wicked and those who gang up to do evil against people who have blessed them and given them PLATFORMS and sources to see the Good things of life. Righteousness must prevail!”

Fashekun and Maureen

Are you aware that the meaning of Maureen is Rebellion and bitterness? And bitterness will always attract dark-minded and bitter people? Like I always say, mine is to bring light to the lies and evil matters that Maureen and her questionable characters bring to the table of their coven called Facebook live or whatever, to castigate and speak ill against the church and the people of God.

It saddens my heart to listen to MAUREEN GO AT IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, with people who Lost it from MFM, FIRED, DISMISSED or LEFT THE MINISTRY IN UNRULY SCENARIOS AND TERRIBLE FOOTPRINTS. The so-called Mrs FUNKE ASHEKUN who sent in a video to Maureen’s show is one of them.

We decided to investigate and look into the matter properly, and from our investigations, our DISCOVERIES ARE MIND BOGGLING AND HEARTBREAKING. For her to have the effrontery and conviction without conscience to do what she did on Maureen’s show, recording a video based on fallacy laced with fabrications of negative thoughts about Dr D.k Olukoya and Gods ministry MFM, I FELT FOR HER, because as I put this piece of write up together all I could think of is how fierce God will execute his mighty judgement upon her and all the rogue ministers who have been on this satanic mission. I don’t think God will spare you for allowing the devil to use you.

Let’s take a closer look at Mrs FUNKE ASHEKUN whom I think Satan has penetrated, just like he did Judas. We learnt that this woman came to the ministry as a single lady sometime in 1995 and left for the USA with a husband and four children without telling anyone, is that someone with progress or not?

THEY HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO BE GENERAL OVERSEERS, GO AND LIVE IN AMERICA! After all, they said that’s what God told them, but why become a General Overseer by pulling down those that lifted you and gave you hope with all your suspicious acts of embezzlement and many other things.

For your information, before her so-called exit and departure, she was still living in MFM housing units, and to cap up the story, we found out, they carted away furniture and valuables belonging to the church housing unit as they fled. These are people claiming to be in bondage, people claiming to be called of God, people speaking ill about men who have transformed lives and are still transforming lives.

They lived in the church housing units for years for free and left for AMERICA WITH A VISITING VISA UNANNOUNCED, not a word to church authority or any relevant person for that matter.

It’s no doubt she and her husband are known in the ministry by a hand full of people but what she failed to mention is that she was basically known for all the awesome things Dr D.k Olukoya and MFM as a ministry has done for her and her family, from our findings we realised that the GENERAL OVERSEER stood for them and by them, from getting tons of gifts from MRS SHADE OLUKOYA for her and her children’s personal supplies to financing their wedding.

They were given TWO VEHICLES by the ministry.  They borrowed money on request to the tune of NGN750, 000 which they are still owing till date because we have records to prove. They left the ministry twice on the guise that God asked them to go and minister in AMERICA came back and were welcomed.

As a matter of fact, we heard that after they left and things became so difficult for them they went for a meeting at omega fire ministry and the president of the ministry told them to go back to MFM for they have wronged people.

Through our finding, we got to know that when this so-called lady’s mother was sick, the church took the responsibility of her, spending huge amount of money, taking her to the best of hospitals, and the General Overseer, even sponsored her to Jerusalem.

We got to know that they got privileged salaries. This woman ran to MFM CREATING A DAUNTING IMAGE OF DEEPER LIFE saying that she had been forced to marry an older man who is army personnel, her children were placed on DR DKO’s SCHOLARSHIP before they disappeared.

This Family is a product of GREED, INDISCIPLINE, INGRATITUDE, and a pretentious set that chose to stay in the church for financial gains and benefits FROM WHAT WE CAN DEDUCE SO FAR.

In the name of blackmail, she went ahead to say that one pastor Umoru had died, and if it is the same pastor Umoru we asked about, then he is VERY MUCH ALIVE, THERE IS NOTHING THAT SOME PEOPLE WOULDN’T DO TO HURT OTHERS.

Funke, it’s amazing that you could open your mouth to question the authentic power of God in MFM and the God in the man of Dr DANIEL KOLAWOLE OLUKOYA, one who clothed and fed you from nothing to something out of compassion,

We found out that after this lady and her husband left MFM, her mother was still living in church accommodation and being taken care of by the ministry with welfare salary in place. As a matter of fact, we gathered that when they returned from their so-called exit from the ministry, they stayed in the flat they had given to their mother for years trying to find their feet

We sourced from a reliable source that the General Overseer gave them some huge amount of money to deposit for their BANK JOB and they fled with it, when they had issues with their house at Ikorodu due to robbers invasion, the church stood for them and lodged them for months at the church guest house,

Today you claim that MFM and Dr Olukoya are occultists and ritualist, JUST BECAUSE they didn’t give you the room to live your wayward and fraudulent ways in the ministry. God in his wisdom is exposing all the wolves in sheep clothing.

These people need to come to God in spirit and in truth and address their foundation which is traced to the babalawo line.

Dr DK Olukoya never for once treated you with disdain, because if one man or a ministry can do all this for just one family, I wonder what else you want from God. FUNKE GOD IS WAITING FOR YOU and maybe when this new Satan that has entered your leaves, you will come to your senses that you have joined yourself with bitterness and rebellion which is actually the gateway to destruction.

Maureen Badejo, UK marriage fraudster

Maureen Badejo, UK alleged marriage  fraudster


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