Ezuka Clan Of Nigeria Appeals To Governor Yahaya Bello To Intervene On Land Dispute.

By Emmanuel Kehinde, Ilorin

The entire Ezuka family has called on MHis Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello to intervene in the age long land dispute between the clan (Ezuka Clan) and Ozi Ogu Clan with others whose land is situated at Okene-Obehira Road and Okene – Ege Road known as Okuhanatahu/Uboroko Farm Land in Adavi belong to “our ancestor” Chogado Ajoko Sub Clan of Ezuka in Adavi for a long time, adding that the said ownership of the lands have been confirmed by two High Court of Justice Kogi State.

According to the President General the first judgement of SUIT NO. KGS/OK/5/2003 was delivered on 20/01/2009 by Hon. Justice H.A. Olusiyi between the representatives of Chogudo family (Mall. Sanni Chodudo and two others) and the Kogi State Government of which there was no appeal against the said judgment till date.

Also, the second judgment of case No. HCO/14C/2010 was delivered on 27/09/2017 by Hon. Justice S.O. Otu against the Ozi Ogu Clan of Agada in favour of the representative of Chogudo Family of Uka Clan of Nigeria (Mall. Amodu Chogudo) in Adavi Local Government Area.

According to the press release, the Ozi Ogu Clan of Agada filed a notice of Appeal which was abandoned by them, reason best known to them.

He stated that the other case No. KGS/IH/O6M/2015 on Fundamental Human Right against the Commissioner of Police Kogi State and one of the representative of Chogudo family (Sheidu O. Lawal Chogudo) of Ezuka Clan of Adavi LGA, was filed by one Abdullahi Ajibogun and four others, all from Esusu Clan of Agada in Okene LGA Kogi State.

The President General Hon. Salau Isah Asuva explained further that the Fundamental Human Right judgment was in favour of Commissioner of Police Kogi State and one representative of Chogudo family i.e (Sheidu O. Lawal Chogudo) of Ezuka Clan in Adavi still on the same land.

The General President also explain further that the land in question belongs to Chogudo family from time immemorial which part of it has been allocated properly for the existing Buildings/Schools development now was forcefully ignored for an illegal development thereby violating the court judgments where different forces saying that they could not respect court other.

He therefore, appealed to all law abiding citizens including the functionaries of this great Nation Nigeria particularly indigenes of the Central Senatorial District.

The decision of the High Court order that favoured Chogudo family of Uka clan of Nigeria – Adavi unless and until the earlier judgment was set aside by the superior courts and avoid using illegal/forgeries documents for any allocation for development unless and until those judgments are disposed off.

According to them, Ezuka clan of Nigeria are peace and law abiding citizen who do not take laws into their hands.

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