FIFA Set to Reduce 90 Mins to 60, Hand Throw-in to Stop, Multiple Substitution Now Allowed

Published 18th July, 2021

FIFA is reportedly considering making some changes in football rules that will see football teams playing for less than the custom 90 minutes, while no limit to numbers of players substitution to begins.

According to Goal, the current throw-in rule after the ball gets out of field will greatly be affected as players will have to use their legs instead of hands to throw the ball in.

Other footbal rules that will be affected include;

•Suspending players who have received a yellow card for 5 minutes after he/she fouls their opponent.

• allowing teams to have unlimited number of substitution. This is aimed at creating an opportunity for all players in bench to play in matches.

• Reducing the custom 90 minutes of play to 60 minutes. Players will therefore have 2 thirty halves instead of the traditional 2 forty-five minutes halves.

The reports have sparked mixed reactions from Football fans with some arguing that the new rules will make football less dynamic. There are a section who feel that idea will make football more entertaining than it is currently. Below are some of the reactions.


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