IBB Releases More Lies at 80th, Downplayed Nigerians Intelligent Over June 12 Annulment

…Did not Mentioned Irregularities Again, It is Now Fear of a Violent Coup

…Avoided Mentioning He Told Nigerians His Govt Would Be the Last Military to Rule Nigeria

…Did Not Tell Why He Sent American Envoy Packing for Advising Him Against Tampering with June 12 Election Ahead

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Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

By Shola Akingboye

Known for his abracadabra style of leadership, insincerity, dirty corruption in power and the alleged killing of Dele Giwa, but the man dictator and a self acclaimed President without a vote cast, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, despite his old age at 80 years old has downplayed intelligence of Nigerians again, thinks 28 years down the lane is enough by Nigerian to have suffered amnesia.

Matters arising:

IBB, still in his usual maradonic’ tendencies has released another self contradicting lies over the annulment of June 12 Presidential Election globally adjudged the freest and fairest in the nation’s democratic experience.

The June 12 election was contested between Chief Moshood Abiola of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Bashir Tofa of the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC).

Babangida, while speaking with Arise TV during an interview on Friday monitored by The Nation, explained if he had not annulled the election, a violent coup d’etat would have happened, a renewed submission which has left many Nigerians wondering if a wheelchair sickness has affected the medullar oblongata of the former dictator.

IBB planted Abacha to remove Sonekan, and pave way for his return whenever Abacha completes his military to civilian rule

He said: “If it materialised, there would’ve been a coup d’etat — which could have been violent. That’s all I can confirm.

“It didn’t happen thanks to the engineering and the ‘maradonic’ way we handled you guys in the society. But that could’ve given room for more instability in the country.”

Though most analysts were not disappointed about the latest outburst by IBB, knowing well there will never a time a self styled ‘Evel genius’ will repent and do good despite getting close to his grave.

Abiola won June 12, Abacha arrested him, detained the president-elect who later died in their custody following the annulment of the June 12 election by IBB.

Babangida said there was pressure on his junta within and outside the military to nullify the election for that reason.

Many more question by analysts are; why was the so called left over junta not retired immediately, having retired many and went ahead to declared that his government would be the last military junta that will ever steal power from the civilian in Nigeria.

Others queried, why did Babangida left Abacha behind untouched?

Some asked, why did IBB announced himself as stepping aside, stepping aside to later do what, after who must have ruled and transfer power back to who?

“Both. The military can do it because they have the weapons to do it, and others (civil society groups) can use agitation,” he added.

Kudirat Abiola, wife of the detained winner of June 12 election was assassinated in a broad day light in the struggle to regain the annulled election.

Babangida during the interview to defend the bloodshed that would have occurred if he didn’t annular June 12, did not added how many lives lost during the struggle for the actualisation of June 12, having rolled out armoured tanks to kill and maimed, while dead bodies of protesters littered Ikorodu road over June 12, what then is violent coup d’etat against democracy if only a man at his 80th could be intelligent enough to help the query.

He did not tell how many other bloodshed were recorded over the same June 12 after Abacha, the IBB stooge carried out another pre-planned coup to overthrow the make-belief interim government of Sonekan planted by IBB in anticipation to be kicked out by Abacha?

Babangida did not tell, if the avoidance of a violence coup d’etat was tenable at all in the June 12 saga, that what death eventually killed Abiola, Kudirat, Pa Rewane while many on the killer squad death toll ran away abroad to avoid being shattered by the power drunk Abacha who consider any opposition voice as inimical to his planned self succession from military junta to an elected idiot!

All that happened over the annulment of June 12. What then could have been a violence coup d’etat against democracy and a democratically elected winner of June 12 election?

No doubt, the Minna born dictator, despite his sick condition still feels the renewal of his many lies 28 years after would be good enough to steal the mindset of younger generations of Nigerians, who were toddlers or not born at the time.

He forgot the fact that more lies he tells lives to hunt him, even unto his grave.

Internationally, the United States also showed scepticism towards Babangida. When the director of the United States Information Service, Michael O’ Brien, issued a statement before the election asking him not to interfere, Babangida quickly expelled him, knowing he was not prepared to quit power.

It would have been better if the self styled Evel genius in IBB maintains his silent grave over matters affecting Nigeria, having contributed the majority atrocities against the people and the wellbeing of Nigeria over the annulment of an election that saw Nigerians put aside religion differences and voted for a Muslim to Muslim ticket by the entire Christians in the country.
He annulled an election when Nigerians set aside ethnic differences and a Yoruba candidate defeated an Hausa opposition in his Kano based.

Despite denials, lies a self image laundary of IBB, the spirits of June 12 lives while Abiola even in death is being celebrated globally as democracy day in Nigeria is named after him, yet IBB has remained ostracised in the committee of nation as a firmer Nigerian dictator remembered only for the annulment of freest and fairest election in Nigerian history.

Meanwhile, June 12 beyond Abiola, would have been the reference point in the anal history of this nation that Nigerians, if you can do it before, you can do it forever.
When Nigerians would have buried the ethno-religion differences bedevilling her peace as a nation.

But the devil in IBB thwarted that opportunity; ironically 28 years after, at the age of 80, IBB continues to take Nigeria for granted with innuendos of lies and more fabricated ones that De-market his existence among even the worst former head of state Nigeria ever had.

Will BB ever come to term with the fact that, June 12 has many bloods of innocent crying after his name, including that of the winner of that election and his wife Kudirat, who was slained in the struggle for the actualisation of that historic election, courtesy Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida action that annulled the freest and fair election, and planted another military devil in Abacha to take over.

It is indubitable that, even at IBB’s burial, June 12 among other controversial issues such as the alleged murder of Dele Giwa will still hunts his name at his demise, no argument about this.

‘Macbeth’ by Shakespare alluded to that fact, thus: “when you murdered sleep, you shall sleep no more’.

Even the latest interview on Arise as dubbed by The Nation and many before it also alluded to that fact, that issues on June 12 shall continue to hunt IBB who will always be in defence of his action when in the actual fact a man at 80th should be resting.

Shola Akingboye, a journalist, writer, public analysts writes from Abuja.

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