RegentAfrica Times gathered that the fleeing gunmen struck around 1am and immediately released the suspects in custody in the police facility as well as taking away the phones belonging to suspects and the police operatives at the Division.

While a police source at Division claimed that the gunmen were repelled by the policemen on duty he added that, “We resisted them but they overpowered us. They had more sophisticated weapons. They took all the phones they saw, released the suspects when they gained access and vandalised the police building.”

The source revealed that the attackers kidnapped one police officer and injured two other cops.

In the same vein, community leader, Nokey Ebikam, told newsmen that the police divisional headquarters was not burnt, explaining that the gunmen didn’t raze the police facility but freed the suspects in detention after vandalising the Division.

Another indigene of the area, Darlington Irobi, confirmed the attack on the police facility, adding that the suspects were freed by the rampaging gunmen.

Police spokesperson in the state, Orlando Ikeokwu, confirmed the attack on the police station, adding that one police officer was missing while two others were injured owing to the resistance put by the policemen on duty.

Ikeokwu, also confirmed that some suspects detained in the police facility were freed by the attackers.

He, however assured that the police authority in the state had commenced investigation into the attack, immediately.