Like Donald Trump the Desperate, Like Fani Kayode the Drunk

By Anonymous, 10th November 2020

It shows how Femi Fani-kayode has retrospectively changed from when he joined politics and rose to become a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to-date. Perhaps it is the psychological damage being in opposition for a long time can cause to politicians.

Sometimes, it makes them to abandon any iota of ideological persuasion or principles .

That is of course typical of Nigerian politicians. If a person like FFK, who has often in the past preached the gospel of true democracy can have the guts to condon the farcical shenanigans happening in America today , then that would spell the height of shameless hypocrisy.

What is remarkable that in over 60 years, Donald Trump has become the president who has failed to concede defeat in an American election? Even before the first ballots was cast , he had alleged electoral fraud and vowed that unless he was declared victorious, he would challenge the outcome at the courts. That doesn’t sound democratic in any shape or form. The strong despot in Russia will laughing his head off.
So does FFK want to tell us that this is what democracy represents? Donald Trump can as well place a phone call to Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (via) Fani-kayode to discussed the modalities for annulment of a free and fair election? I am sure that if Trump has his way, he would have annulled the election since Tuesday last week .

This is a dangerous sociopath who has no regard for institutions that have endured for the better part of 250 years. A narcissistic moron of the highest classification, Donald J Trump hasn’t got the mental capacity to understand the havoc he has caused to the American stand in the world and his continued erosion of confidence in the world’s greatest democracy.

If what is happening in Donald Trump’s American democracy today is what they wage wars to bring to Africa, then I think we are better off with the jackbooth dictatorship. At least, with that, we get what we see . No surprises. Anyone who condons his actions and still cherishes democracy may be living in a cuckoo cloud of delusion.

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