December 3, 2022

Man Allegedly Set Newly Wedded Couple Ablaze Over N150,000 Spent on the Bride Who Refused to Marry Him

Published 11 September, 2022

An angry man, Ibrahim Muhammadu, a resident of Adamawa State, has been apprehended by the Police over his involvement in setting ablaze a new couple in town.

He was apprehended by police for allegedly setting a couple ablaze.

The couple, who married only two weeks ago, included a woman who allegedly jilted Ibrahim Muhammadu, according to  Correctkid on Saturday.

Ibrahim Muhammadu, from Gadawaliwol in Jabbi Lamba, Girei Local Government Area, was enraged by the lady’s betrayal and hired someone to set the couple ablaze.

The crime was committed on Tuesday, September 6.

The woman died of severe burns, while the man is still fighting for his life at a clinic.

It was gathered that he had fallen in love with the deceased and had spent some N150,000 on her after she agreed to marry him, only for her to dump him for her new man to whom she eventually got married.

Angry Ibrahim Muhammadu took action by paying another man, Ibrahim Savanna, who is now on the run, to murder the woman in question.

After allegedly receiving N5,000 and four mudus of rice from Ibrahim Muhammadu, Ibrahim Savanna allegedly armed himself with petrol, went to the couple’s house on the fateful September 6 night, locked the house from the outside, and set it ablaze.

He then vanished from view.

Following preliminary findings, the police went after the jilted lover, Ibrahim Muhammadu.

SP Suleiman Nguroje of the Adamawa State Police has confirmed the incident and stated that it is being investigated

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