July 3, 2022

“MicCom is Leveraging on Its Cable’s Quality to Outshine Others” Says Adubi

…Extols Wabote Led NCDMB on Local Content Initiatives

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Bukola Adubi is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), MicCom Cables & Wires Ltd, an indigenous firm that debuted in the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, Lagos, and one of the foremost Cable and Wires manufacturers in the country, since 1978. While explains reasons no cables and wires outshine MicCom since 1978, she talks about the melting pot between the cables & wires industry and the oil and gas sector and the legacy of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), particularly under the current leadership of the board whose doggedness she said has made it possible for patronages enjoyed by indigenous cables and wire producers, both from the IOC’s and the indigenous players in the Nigerian energy, oil and gas sector. She spoke with our Editor-in-Chief, Sola AKINGBOYE recently in Abuja.

“My name is Bukola Adubi, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), MicCom Cables & Wires Ltd”.

“We are the first indigenous cable manufacturer in Nigeria, since 1978. Recently, we have diversified into oil and gas.

“On the meeting point between us and the oil and gas industry, we have to be thankful to the NCDMB, having taken it upon themselves to give life to the made in Nigeria products, and now everyone talks about made in Nigeria cable as one of the best in the world in terms of quality and we know ourselves. So we are thankful to NCDMB.

“What the board has done is that they have separated us in this industry and make MicCom Cables and Wires very paramount. Presently, no cable outshine MicCom Cables and Wires before the oil and gas industry in terms of leverage accorded us by the NCDMB, and this is due to MicCom expansion initiatives and investment drives for unparalleled quality in products and our services.

“For us at MicCom Cables, it’s been a tremendous opportunity to engage stakeholders at a big exhibition such as the NOG.

“On whether MicCom Cables enjoys the level of patronage from among the IOCs in line with the local content driven by the NCDMB, I made bold to tell you we are not only enjoying patronage from IOC’s, but they have to patronise us. They have no choice and they can only use any of the four of us in this industry who are the key industry players in the cables manufacturing sector.

So IOC’s compliance has been key and encouraging, including supports given to us by the companies. Even they still have to source some items the indigenous cable firms could not meet up with from us. This is the reason I commend NCDMB for being proactive in that regard.
Such efforts on the Nigerian content policies make us at MicCom Cables & Wires feature prominently in most of the events and activities in the oil and gas sector as a key stakeholder, and that is a welcome development for the industry.

“Of course, there are quite a numbers manufacturers, but I think it is only about five of us who are truly certified cable manufacturer by NCDMB and enjoys the privilege from the IOC’s and other players in the oil and gas sector, in which MicCom Cables is the lead, though there are few others.

“Of course you are correct, I have to give much credit to NCDMB, if you look at the last five years, and the achievement we have had as far as the impact of the Nigerian content drives is a concern, we cannot but attribute some of our success stories to the NCDBM under the current leadership, Eng. Simbi Wabote. He set the ball rolling. NCDMB has done well for the manufacturing industry.

“Ok, on the significance of the NOG significance, the beauty of NOG is that all the players are under one roof, where they reminisce over what affects the industry. You have the government, the industry’s policymakers, the indigenous firm like us in one place.

“So it is a great opportunity to bring everyone together, opportunity been partaking for about four years now, and we hope to be part of the future conference as far as MicCom is in the industry”. Adubi stressed.

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