Moment Pastor Adeboye Sold Off His Helicopter Over #123m Maintenance Cost

Published 5th September, 2021

In a recent news shared by sahara reporters, it was reported how the general overseer of the redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. Adeboye, sold off his helicopter over the maintenance cost.

The helicopter was purchased in September 2020, which the pastor uses to move around to preach the gospel, together with other officials of the church.

The Nigerian civil aviation authority suspended the helicopter from flying over expired documents and spare parts which were needed to be replaced. The total cost of maintaining the helicopter for just one month was about $300,000 (₦123million). The pastor was forced to sell the aircraft.

The pastors now to uses the helicopter of Bishop David Oyedepo, for missionary travels

Other men of God who owns such expensive aircrafts, and spends millions to maintain them, should emulate pastor Pastor Adeboye, by selling them off.

They can decide to rent an aircraft, whenever they has a missionary journey, to ease movements, this way they don’t have to spend millions for its mainteinance.

Though it quite important for a man of God to own aircraft, to ease missionary works, paying ₦123m monthly for the maintenance of an aircraft is quite a huge amount of money, especially with the current financial crisis in Nigeria. Instead of spending such huge money to maintain an aircraft, the money could be channeled to the less privileged, the victims of attacks, and those at the IDP camps.

What are your thoughts about this?

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