December 3, 2022

Muslim/Muslim Ticket: Why CAC General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah Says Christians Can’t Be Cheated

Published 17th September, 2022

The General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji, has no genuine child of God will be cheated following the introduction of the Muslim/Muslim ticket by the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Progress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Oladeji, made this declaration while responding to a question at the sideline of a press conference held in Abuja to herald the Abuja National Praise being organized by the church, said Christians are genuine believers in God, and not those who are trading with it.

Recall that Tinubu had settled for the former Governor of Borno state, Senator KashimShettima, a Northern Muslim, and the development had resulted in a sharp division between him and the Christian community.

But the prophet said: “Some genuine Christians have not been to Abuja, and some of them don’t even know Abuja. Christians are those who have given their lives to Christ, and not those who are bearing Christians for business. As regards the ticket, they can’t cheat the true child of God. God is with some people, and His way nobody knows’’.

On the Abuja National Praise, which holds at the Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja on Friday, Oladeji said the programme was a directive from God to thank Him for what He had done and for His mercy over the country.

The programme with the theme:  “Praise the Lord for His Mercy endureth forever’’, he said would also take place in Lagos, Olode and IkejiArakeji in Osun state.

Oladeji said: “I have the belief that after the praises, recklessness, kidnapping, insecurity and unrest will end. People of the old when they started praising God, all their battles ended.  God will open doors, God will subdue the power of evil, fears, and restlessness will be defeated.

“God loves this country, and despite the challenges, He did not allow them to overwhelm us. There is no earthquake, no over flooding that claims multiple lives or wasted the whole community. God loves us, and the annual praise is expected to give thanks to God for what He had done, and what He is about to do  for us as a country.’’

On his part, the Regional Superintendent of CAC Medaiyese Region, Pastor Osita Collins Chukwuezie, said: “We are to give God the praise despite what the country is facing. If not for the church of God, Nigeria would have disintegrated. We want to offer praise to God for our possession”.


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