May 26, 2022

Natural Cures for People with Erectal Dysfunction

Published 21 November, 2021

Erectile dysfunction is a popular health condition many men suffer from all over the world. It occurs when someone who has a penis can’t have or maintain an erection. Certain things can increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. Some of them include; age, health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, if you have had an injury to the spinal cord, penis, or pelvis, taking medication like antidepressants or blood pressure medications, etc.

For those suffering from erectile dysfunction, the treatment for ED depends on its cause. It may encompass certain prescription medications, a vacuum device, or even surgery. But lifestyle alterations and other natural treatments can also help improve ED.

Many natural erectile dysfunctions can be treated. They range from lifestyle changes like modifying your diet and exercise to getting mental health or relationship counselling. Some of the natural ways include;

1. Diet

What you consume goes a long way to affect your erection. Eating a balanced diet may help maintain sexual function and lessen your risk of ED. Research has shown that eating more fruits, vegetables, and flavonoids (compounds found in produce, coffee, and other foods) lowered the risk of erectile dysfunction in men ages 18 to 40. Eat the right food to Maintain your erectile health.

2. Exercise

The importance of exercise to the body cannot be overemphasized. Research indicates that physical activity may help maintain and improve ED. It may be incredibly effective if your ED is caused by obesity, inactivity, or cardiovascular disease, among other conditions. Physical activity helps enhance blood vessel health, lower stress, and raise testosterone levels, which can all help with ED. Always exercise to stay healthy.

3. Sleep

No matter the level of your busy schedule, always find time to rest. Your overall health needs to get enough sleep each night. Sleeping regularly may also improve your ED. Not getting enough sleep can lower your testosterone levels, which may contribute to ED. Sustained lack of sleep is also associated with conditions that are related to ED, like diabetes and high blood pressure. Sleep is very healthy for your body hence prioritise it.

4. Weight loss

Obesity is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that ED is significantly more common in men who are overweight or have obesity or larger waist circumferences. If your weight is contributing to your ED, exercise and a balanced diet can help you lose weight and improve your ED. Exercise is a good way to maintain your weight.

5. Psychotherapy

Research has shown that few cases of ED result from a mixture of physical and psychological issues. These may include fear of failure, religious beliefs, and sexual trauma, among others. In turn, ED can lead to additional mental health issues, encompassing emotional distress and lower self-esteem, which then can further worsen ED. Therapy may help address these issues to improve ED. Your emotions can also play a great role in your reproductive health.

6. Stress reduction

Mental health issues like stress and anxiety can trigger erectile dysfunction. Research has shown that stress was one of the main predictors of ED, with anxiety and depression also associated with the condition. The study suggested that chronic stress may affect testosterone or cause sleep deprivation, which may contribute to ED. Always find time to rest to avoid this issue.

7. Alcohol reduction

Studies have shown that the regular and high consumption of alcohol can affect ED.

Studies have also shown that sexual dysfunction, particularly ED, was common in people with alcohol dependence syndrome. Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume to stay healthy.

8. Smoking cessation

Smoking is one of the habits that can trigger erectile dysfunction. Smoking is another behaviour that likely contributes to ED. This may be caused in part by smoking damaging blood vessels, preventing enough blood from reaching the penis for an erection. Smoking also affects other vital organs in the body hence avoid it.


Every man should adhere to the tips of this article.


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