Nigeria Has Decided

Nigeria Has Decided -Serah Makka-Ugbabe,

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Millions of Nigerians took to the polls to cast and defend their votes in the Presidential and Governorship elections. Voting matters, but it is just the start. Now, the real work begins. Holding elected leaders accountable to their promises and our needs as a nation is the next important step. 

The #VoteYourFuture campaign brought citizens from across Nigeria together. Fed up with empty promises, we voted for bold changes that hold our leaders to account and will build the Nigeria that works for every one of Naija’s 3 million young people. The campaign has made some incredible steps forwards – watch and share the video with your friends and show our elected leaders that Naija’s youth are ready for action. 


Vote Your Future wrap up

It’s more important now than ever before that Naija’s youth stand together. The next phase of our campaign is to share the 7000 Youth Declaration cards with President Buhari. In the meantime, will you watch and share this video with your friends and show our president that Naija’s youth are ready for progress? 


We stand united,
Serah Makka-Ugbabe,

P.S It’s not too late to sign the Youth Declaration – show our leaders that you’re serious about change. SIGN IT NOW! 

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