July 3, 2022

OPINION: Buhari Splashes N780million Chemotherapy Centres in Major Cities


Nigeria has only 8 radiotherapy centres for a population of 190 million? In his generosity, Buhari in 2019 budget proposed N780million for the establishment of Chemotherapy centres in UBTH, UITH, ABUTH, UMTH, OAUTH, UNTH, UPTH, FMC Owerri, FMC Abeokuta.

This effort makes little or no sense to children of anger and acute wailing wailers. They don’t understand the real essence of rebuilding a totally vandalized nation, they know jack of what “Patience” means in process building to drive any change in any system yet reference China, Dubai, US London and co when it convenient for them to drive their myopic political narrative.

Imagine the leap in numbers Chemotherapy Centres from to about 20 with the coming up of this extra proposed ones, at least it will have positive and meaningful impact in the treatment and management of Cancers in our society and also elevate the health service sectors of the economy in reducing the demands for forex to go to India and China for to seek medical attention for some of these issues.

Buhari might not be the best in oratory eloquence, might not have smooth tongues to waggle and dazzle in the fabrication and dishing out of obvious falsehood, But he has the sincerity of purpose, servitude of leadership, humility in compassion and the utmost needed CHARACTER AND CREDIBILITY that’s the hallmark of what leadership entails to revamp and put in process/foundation for the enthronement of a social political and economically viable and enviable Nigeria of our dreams.

Fugitives and renowned indicted criminals whom records have shown to belong to some of the worse era of our political journey can never be the alternative.

For the Nigeria dream to be actualise in foundation and process building as it is today, the ticket of Buhari/Osinbanjo is not Negotiable!!

Join the train as we are moving to the NEXT LEVEL.





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