August 18, 2022

Pick Up Yourself and Make Nigeria 🇳🇬 Succeed, Naija Youths Advised

For reasons I’m yet to fully grasp, Nigerians living in Nigeria are being de-marketed by the Nigerians in diaspora No offence, I’m just stating my observations.

The other day, someone said that Nigerians struggle to write academic essays when they go for further studies abroad Many Nigerians, especially the youths, agreed with this, but many writers laughed at the tweet and reminded their fellow Nigerians that a good number of the “excellent” academic essays written by oyinbo students in “developed” economies, with “first class” schools were done by Naija ghostwriters that don’t even know the road to the airport.

If you’re a ghostwriter, especially in the academic realm, you will know what I’m saying here Now, I’m not saying Naija doesn’t have her challenges. But, truth is, we, sometimes, over blow it. I know our education system has its challenges but so does the education system of every other country in the world.

You’re told you can’t do certain things because you weren’t taught how to do them in the school, but the person telling you this fail to let you know the huge amount of money they spend to get the skills outside the classroom.

Ok, let me bring in exactly what I needed to say in this post.
First of all, don’t let anyone tell you, you’re not good enough because you’re a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Trust me, a lot of us have tested that waters and seen how almost perfect we are. So, keep your heads up and push your limit beyond that boundary they set for you (hope this makes sense).

Secondly, everyone, and I mean everyone, works on his skills to beat competition. You should always work on your skills to stay relevant. Trust me, it’s not everything that is taught in formal schools. You need to go the extra mile to acquire and perfect some skills. It’s like this all over the world, even in the “developed” economies.

Thirdly, if you see an interesting job opening that can accommodate remote workers from any part of the world, apply for it. If you’re in Naija, always go for gigs that will bring in forex. Our exchange rate favours us now.

Finally (at least the one my head can remember for now), subscribe to online tutorial in platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Futurelearn. I go for free classes o 😁.

But some courses there are as cheap as 3,500 NGN. Oh, one more thing, you should also subscribe to platforms that publish remote works. Look for those that will let you view and apply for positions without paid subscriptions.

I use We Work Remotely (WWR) for this. I got one of my best foreign writing gigs from there. See, this is not a Friday motivation o, this is me doing my job as the Lord pushes. I just need more successful Nigerians around me.
So, pick up yourself, dust it up, and go get that foreign gig. Make Nigeria 🇳🇬 succeed.

Written by Ozioma Okey-Kalu, a writer and author.


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