PRIMELOCATION CARE  GIVER: The Humanitarian Beyond Bounds’ Group Reveals Its Set Agenda for the Masses [PHOTOS]

By Shola  Akingboye -13th October 2020

Given the priority bequeath on ameliorating poverty among the  poorest of the poor in Nigeria and beyond,   Primelocation Care Giver, a non-governmental organisation that seeks to improve and develop the welfare of the underprivileged individuals and communities, by providing relevant resources and opportunities for the poor masses,  has once again reiterates its commitments towards ameliorating sufferings of the poor masses  for a better quality of life irrespective of economic imbroglio occasioned by novel COVID-19 experience.

In the latest twist to its sets objective for the masses,  the Nigerian based NGO has recently reiterate its core objectives having over the time deployed resources and materials amongst underprivileged strata of the Nigerian society.

RegentAfrica Times spotlight on the non-profit organisation further obtained a compendium of the organisation’s agenda vis-à-vis the its alignment with parent body, the Primelocation Foundation’s principles, which focuses on areas of Education, Community Development, Environment and Good Health Care system.

The body also submitted that its core focus as a foundation encapsulates programs that has always been towards achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls.

We need to tackle the challenges girls’ face and empower them as well as fulfil their human rights”. It snapped.

As further highlighted by the organisation, it reflects on its core values:

Primelocation care givers foundation believes in supporting and improving the quality of life of the communities in which we operate. Primelocation care givers Foundation is a firm believer in the power of empowerment and it is this mindset that defines our approach to community outreach. We are guided by our commitment to uplift communities and also to promote volunteerism amongst our employees. Accordingly, Primelocation care givers Foundation commits to a wide range of CSR initiatives under this pillar.

Primelocation care givers Foundation understands the importance, impact and implications its businesses have on the environment. Primelocation care givers Foundation works towards fulfilling its CSR objectives by adopting best environmental practices and ensuring sustainability in its operations. The Foundation supports initiatives that revolve around environmental preservation such as beach cleanups in protection of marine life and Group-wide recycling campaigns.


Primelocation care givers Foundation takes human capital development seriously. Among other initiatives, the Foundation provides education scholarships and access to better education for children and youths through various programmes organised in partnership with local NGO partners.

Primelocation Care Givers Foundation aim at reducing illiteracy in Nigerian rural communities.
• Engage in education supports programs such as distribution of books, school uniform, bags,chairs and laboratory equipment etc to primary and secondary schools
• Advocate for the need for Girl–child education at least to secondary school level.
• Engage in education awareness campaign in semi- urban and rural areas.
• Parents/ teachers training to equip them necessary skills needed to handle their children effectively.
• We provide scholarships to children of the widows and the less privileged in the society.
• Set up libraries for providing educational facilities to the needy and poor.

* Health
We are working to help achieve health equity and expand opportunity to pursue the best health possible, through investments in three broad areas:
Community health care While each community
We are focusing services on vulnerable groups such as women and children in the following areas:

o  Routine free medical outreaches to complement the efforts of the primary healthcare services.
o  HIV/ AIDS and other diseases awareness, prevention and care services.
o  Health education to pregnant women in the rural communities.
o  Health advocacy and promotion program.
o  Medical check-up for aged men and women.
o  Training on Personal Hygiene and disease prevention.
o  Distribution of medical equipments to complement each the efforts of the primary health care services
o  Set up Hospitals, Clinics, etc. for providing medical facilities to the needy

* Empowerment

Vocational education is the acquisition of skills for self-development or employment.
This type of education is offered to meet the socio-economic needs of individuals
and society at large. With vocational skills acquisition, the ability of individuals are utilized excellently for self-reliance and development within a particular society.

.• Skill Acquisitions Training
The Foundation seeks to help reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria through its Youth Empowerment Scheme. The scheme has been developed to help the youths through capacity building, skill acquisition and business grants support to help them start up or expand existing businesses.
• Capacity building and development
• Financial supports
• Financial management training
• Business Summit/ Seminars
• Food and nutrition support
• Provision of shelter
• Provision of clothing

We are committed to commitment by individuals, unincorporated associations, societies, federations, partnerships, corporate bodies, agencies, local authorities, unions, co-operatives, trusts ,government, private and non-governmental agencies, including international organisations to improve the quality and impact of sustainable development initiatives with our partners in Nigeria and the Global Village.

Existing Global Partners:

Meanwhile, within the time frame of Primelocation’s existence,  the Care Giver in its humanitarian drives has proved its mettle and enjoyed global recognitions, hence the goodwill partnership that exists between the body and its international  partners. Among them are: Action Against  Hunger, Children In Need,  Unite 4 Humanity and Global Aid.

Board of Trustee

The nine men members of Primelocation’s board of trustee, led by its President are:

1. Logunleko Lukman Olajuwon – President

2.  Bella Razak Olajuwon

3.  Baruwa Mary

4.  Ayeni Oloruntobi Hezekiah

5.  Omosola Timothy Akingboye

6.  Ogunbowale Blessing Olay

7.  Adebusoye Ifeoluwa Mary

8.  Okochu Martins

9.  Adeleke Abiodun Okeowo


Some selected achievements by Primelocation Care Givers:




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