May 29, 2023

Russian- Ukraine War: Africa, Mind Your Business

By Oba Olasunkanmi- John

As humans, wars like what is currently happening between Russia and Ukraine are inevitable, especially when diplomacy at its highest level has failed. It extends its resounding effect on the economy of rival nations and, sometimes, countries with shared interests. Still, it definitely would record casualties. But the greatest losers have always been those who fight a war that least concerned them and failed or refused to fight theirs. It is bad enough when you are being lied to, but worst when you lied to yourself. Africans and their leaders have always acted as meddlers and consistently, like the proverbial ostrich, pretend to be defending its interests.

Diplomacy ought to be negotiated or agreeable to consensus in its real sense. Still, in recent years diplomacy has mostly lain mainly by the powerful nations in as much as its suits the proponent’s plan. But it’s unpardonable when those who pride themselves as experts can’t read between the lines or deliberately look away from the realities while allowing history to repeat itself.

The war is not with Africa or any African country, yet several African leaders have raised their voices. This action exposes how most African leaders handle diplomacy like child’s play. These are the same leaders who can’t utter a word even when America and France were degrading their neighbouring country led by one of the finest presidents on the continent (Ghaddafi). Every unfolding event in the international community has constantly exposed most African leaders as hypocrites known for their rhetoric and lousy outburst. While others are always among the first to commensurate with other western nations when any insignificant tragedy compared to what is happening daily in their own or neighbouring countries they never talked about.

The current war in Ukraine doesn’t concern Africa and should be left to those involved; each country in Africa should evacuate their citizens in those countries and let them sort themselves out. Leaders should focus on resolving more wars in Africa, like the current Ethiopia war, Mali, Central Africa Republic, Nigeria, Sudan, and other countries in the continent defending their territory against terrorism or foreign instigated wars.


It is humiliating when some leaders who cannot resolve the insecurity challenges threatening peace in their countries but keep intruding in the Russian war. This can only be because some African leaders, instead of facing their responsibility of bettering their countries, have turned themselves into international comedians, challenging Russians as if they have something tangible to contribute to stopping the war.

It is time Africa faces the challenge of developing the continent, which is vast enough and stops forcing recognition from the international community. No amount of talk would change the perception of the western nations toward Africa. This is seen in how western media address issues that concern Africa.

For instance, if the Russians were to invade any African country, the Western media would term it as defending its right, just like the US and France’s destruction of Libya was termed as looking for weapons of mass destruction that never existed and the Ethiopian Prime Minister is referred to as Nobel laurate going to war while the Comedian turned President with similar issues, even worse; is termed a President defending his country. That is the level of racism bedevilling the world.

Africa can only change the narratives by developing the continent to make it competitive with other western nations like Singapore did. Its leaders were vilified by the western media like CNN and BBC, calling him names like he was a dictator, a disport, but after he achieved his aim of developing his country, the narratives changed; now he is their hero.

With this high level of racism against Africans from the western world, Africa must mind its business now and focus on achieving the aim of the Agenda 2063 of the Africa Union, wrung itself out of the bondage of IMF, WHO and World Bank deliberate economic sabotage, and concentrate on trading among member states.

It should develop its military might, develop indigenous Science and ICT while leveraging on its experts to build the pharmaceutical, agriculture, and energy sectors and taking advantage of the youth population to set itself as a force to reckon with.

The current level of racism, with reports of people of African descent being glaringly denied the opportunity to leave the country for safety, is a wake-up call to African leaders to focus on developing the continent and not bank on any agreement from Europe the West.

There must be self-realisation first, or else the African continent will remain in servitude for long years to come. The potential of Africa to develop is enormous, and this certainly will mean a threat to the colonial masters hence the constant efforts to force inept leaders on the continent, so they can continue to plunder the continent African.

Africa is scarred by targeted covert operations at every leadership poised to contend against the forces of neo-colonialism and imperialism.

The graveyards of our continent are filled with the dead bones of visionary leaders cut down for their vision and mission to liberate their people. They always die young.



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