December 2, 2022

Soludo Reveals Why APGA Won’t Support Peter Obi’s Presidency

Published 11 November 2022
Anambra State Governor, Charles Soludo has declared that the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) will not support the 2023 presidential ambition of the Labour Party (LP) candidate, Peter Obi.

Though Obi is from Anambra State, and a former Governor, he is not part of the current ruling party in his state which is APGA, Naija News observed.

Soludo said because APGA has its own presidential candidate, though they wish Obi well, it is not possible to support him against their own party’s candidate.

The Anambra State Governor was quoted to have made his stand known in a recent statement through his Special Adviser on Political Matters, Dr Alex Obiogbolu.

He observed that supporting Obi would automatically mean working against the APGA presidential candidate, Peter Umeadi.

The Governor noted that Labour Party is not a threat to APGA as those who should feel threatened about the obidient movement are members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because LP is an off shoot of PDP.

According to him, APGA is in the race to win and further expand its coverage as a major political party in Nigeria.

He said according to Legit: “Today, APGA remains third largest political party in Nigeria. It is the third largest, considering the number of political offices it has won. APGA has a state governor, members of the national assembly, and members of the state assemblies.

“The vision of APGA for the 2023 general election is to expand its reach and spheres of influence. APGA does not consider the wave of the OBIdient Movement as a threat towards achieving its set goals in 2023.

“The Labour Party (LP) and the OBIdient Movement are offshoots of the PDP. Therefore, they pose a big threat to PDP – not APGA. I t

“We wish Peter Obi good luck, but no matter how much we wish him, everyone is aware that we also have our own Peter Umeadi, running for president under APGA. Even if APGA should adopt Obi as its presidential candidate, our votes alone cannot make president.

“What we actually want to send as message is that as APGA people, and as Igbo people, we want to prove that one who is rejected does not reject himself. We have seen that politically, the Southeast and Igbo people have been denied what ought to be ours by the major parties, especially the PDP founded by an Igbo man, Alex Ekwueme.”

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