May 26, 2022

Stroke Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Published 15th January, 2022

The blood flow to your brain is cut off when you have a stroke. You must get therapy as quickly as possible to avert brain damage, disability, or even death.

Smile and look to see if one side of your face droops.

Raise both arms in the air. Is one of your arms dangling?

Say a short phrase and listen for slurred or unusual pronunciation.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call your doctor immediately and write down the time when your symptoms began.

Did you know that when its comes to stroke treatment every second counts. Calling a doctor or driving oneself to the hospital is a waste of time. Ambulance workers can assess your situation more quickly, increasing your chances of receiving immediate care.

Your doctor may give you aspirin or powerful clot-busting drugs, take note depending on the type of the stroke you suffer with.

When you notice it and you take treatment within three hours of the commencement it will surely be effective.

Conditions That Can Make You Think You’ve Had a Stroke

Signs to Look Out For

A stroke might happen gradually, but you’re more likely to experience one or more of the symptoms listed below:

On one side of your leg, face, arm you may encounter weakness or Numbness

Confusion or difficulty comprehending others

Speaking in a difficult manner

You may having trouble seeing out of one or both eyes

Problems with walking, balance, or coordination


You many encounter severe headache that appears out of nowhere

Even if you’re not sure you’re suffering a stroke, call your doctor if you’re experiencing these symptoms.



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