‘The Making of a TV Amazon’- Hajia Fatima Umar-Buba Example

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit” ~ Aristotle.

“Doing the right things is effectiveness!! But doing things Right is called EFFICIENCY” ~ Peter Drucker.

Drawing inspirations from the quotes above, by some of the greatest humans managers of modern humanity in history one would be on a sound pedestal to write about a unique, intelligent and ambidextrous lady with a rising professional profile in Broadcasting and Television News delivery.

From the Elkanemi Borno empire comes the delectable screen diva called Hajia Fatima Umar Buba, whom in about 11 years in the Broadcast Industry with the Prestigious Nigerian Television Authority has demonstrated her expertise working with professional impetus, news analytical dexterity and impeccable news broadcast delivery that has endeared her to millions of Nigerian fans as a broadcast journalist of note and among her pairs in the media industry.

Hajia Fatima started her broadcast journey with the Nigerian Television Authority in Maiduguri (Borno State), worked with the Programs department which she started with production services, continuity announcer and then a presenter of the flagship breakfast show AM EXPRESS”.

With her exemplary performance however, Hajia Fatima Umar Buba got a deserved transfer to the Nigerian Television Authority Abuja (Channel 5) which handled Programmes and General News deliveries, Programs Production reports and Participating et al.

As the popular saying goes, “A GOLDEN FISH HAS NO HIDDEN PLACE” Hajia Fatima’s working ethics and Professionalism on her areas of concentration, as Programs and General Newscaster prowess was well noticed at the headquarters of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

Sequel to her managerial appraisal, Fatimah got another boost of a transferred to the headquarters of the NTA, where she was assigned to handle one of the biggest news flagship Program of the NTA called “NEWSEXTRA.”

The NewsExtra of the NTA demands adequate levels of professionalism for efficiencies such as Inherent emotional intelligence, Charismatic dexterity and Impeccable abilities to deliver. It is one of the flagship Brands in the NTA programs that requires a topnotch broadcaster to handle.

If managerial leadership means “Opportunity meet Preparation”, Then the Special Hajia Fatima Umar Buba with an unassuming disposition was arguably the best available for the NTA management to use in filling that vacuum that exists at the time the former NewsExtra handler, Hajia Fatima Abas Hassan was elevated to head the NTA Chanel 5 Abuja.

Today, we are celebrating a young female icon, a fast rising amazon with lots of expertise and academic excellence ranging from her BSC to Masters Degree in Public Administration. She is a member of Chartered Corporate Managers of Nigeria and United Nation’s Ambassador for Peace.

However, The uniqueness of this celebration is that it is coming from her core Broadcast family and employer “The NTA”!!

Some are born great but some attain greatness, but the rare ones among humans possess the privilege of being born great and through hard work, attain more greatness and that’s the category where Hajia Fatima Umar Buba belongs. She has been awarded the best newscaster of the year 2019 across the national network service of the NTA!!

It is a call to more service and dedication to duty!! A call to higher broadcast responsibilities and another rare opportunity to sustain the momentum of news casting and delivery.

I, Comrade Haruna Braimoh Gani (Director of Media and Publicity Advocacy for Good Governance) Join other well meaning Individuals to celebrate and say CONGRATULATION to an AMAZING AMAZON.

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