May 29, 2023

The Male or Female Child Rests with the Man. The X and Y Chromosomes. Part 1


By Princess Joy Omagha Idam

So I visited the hospital last weekend which I do regularly, bcoz for some they need prayers, others need smiles while some just need a message of hope that they will make it. This experience was gathered in the almost 3 months I spent at the National hospital taking care of my stepmom.

So I saw a woman wailing uncontrollably. When I got to her bedside I gathered she had just given birth to a 4th daughter. So I was taken aback. Some people have never conceived. How would they feel seeing a Woman with not just one but four adorable angels?

Or is it the countless scores of women whose foetus end up aborted due to health Challenges?

So I drew closer and whispered into her ears. What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist. She looked up and Smiled. I drew her closer and rested her head on my shoulder and allowed her to sob for 10 minutes I did too in solidarity.

After which I handed her a hankie to wipe her tears. When she was stable I introduced myself and she told me she was Mary a nurse from one of the South-East states and that her husband is an Engineer also from the South East.

Mary went on to say she was crying bcoz her husband called and the niece who came with her to the hospital announced happily that it is a pretty daughter and he hung up. What ??? I responded.

We have been in the hospital for two days and he has not come to visit, muttered Mary. I was shocked as though I was watching a Nollywood movie. So what happened I asked.

Mary narrated how the husband had warned her to go back to her people If it was another girl.

At this point, I was boiling if that yeye engineer had shown up at that point only God knows what I would have done.

So I told her the story of my maternal great aunt who married and passed on at 84 without a baby and had to marry a wife for her husband to bear children. Can you imagine such emotional trauma. To be Continued.

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