August 18, 2022

Uncle Bola Tinubu Watch Your Back, Even at Your Victory!

By Shola Akingboye

I may not be a Tinubuist or his fan and call it his apologist either, but in life, there are more lessons out there for everyone to learn, either from friends, or associates even from those we detest so much.


The saying, “the more you look the less you see and on the contrary, the more you look the more you see” both come to play with all the brouhaha that surrounds the APC Primary, and the manners with which Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was treated like a stranger in his mansion by those who suppose to be the tenants.

Alas! not a few have condemned Bola Tinubu’s comments on how he made Buhari and Governor Abiodun be where they occupied at the moment. Likewise, I never like his use of words, especially as regards his comment on Dapo Abiodun. Probably, that was born out of anger triggered by his disappointments with those he helped in the past but failed to reciprocate.
Besides, we are all human and to err is human.

But truth be told, while no one would take glory away from God who is our creator and He who decides our fate in life, God also uses human beings to advance the cause of others, and I believe no one will dispute that fact with me, either as a Christian or a Muslim, even a pagan.

BOLA Tinubu has paid his dues in Nigerian politics and he deserves respect, particularly as one of those gladiators who fought with their lives to have this democracy that everyone is enjoying today.

I want to believe that the revelation of Abacha Killer Squad we all watched as a live broadcast on national TV at the Oputa Panel still rings a bell.
The Abacha killer squad was not established for anyone else in Nigeria, but to exterminate members of NADECO and anyone in particular who dare stand in the way of Abacha and his transformation from Military to a civilian ruler.

This is where the likes of Tinubu come in. They were the beneficiary of the baptism of fire by that deadly military junta. Kudirat Abiola and Pa Alfred Rewane of blessed memories were not too lucky. They fell to the bullet among others, while Tinubu, Soyinka and others escaped the executioner’s bullet through a whisker and fled the country.

Today, here is the democracy, and everyone is enjoying it, including those who want Abacha stays. We know them and they know who they are, and some of them were in the Abacha government in those heydays and also in today’s democratic setting.


Beyond the above fact check and the statement credited to Bola Tinubu, both on Buhari and Dapo Abiodun, there are always facts and fallacies but it all depends on which one juxtaposes the context with which the two are used.

I want to believe that no one will dispute Tinubu’s position, love it or hate it. The fact remains that Tinubu was instrumental to how President Buhari eventually clinched APC Ticket at the 2014 APC Convention, which strategically was moved to Lagos to prevent money bags from taking the ticket away from Buhari through delegate buying, which we all knew Buhari lacks such dollar rain coins and muscle to withstand the likes of Atiku or anyone at that primary, should that convention held in Abuja.

I will also not bore you, on how Bola Tinubu collapsed the six states of ACN he painstakingly buildup as the only active opposition to the ruling PDP which defines a true democracy. He did that just to accommodate the emergence of the APC.
This is given the fact that both the CPC of Buhari and the ANPP that formed the merger party only exist on the pages of newspapers without any single state standing, with little or no members at the NASS by these parties outside ACN (I stand to be corrected if any).

ACN became the foundation upon which APC came alive coupled with the goodwill support base of President Buhari from the North. But that goodwill never gave Muhamadu Buhari the much sought Presidency in the three consecutive times he had contested, and not even his 12 Million votes on records could earn him the Nigerian President until the likes of Tinubu walk up to him up North for the merger. The rest is history today.

Forget Tinubu outburst, honour should go to whom it is due.


Assuming Bola Tinubu is a Christian, who would have been the Vice President to Buhari? The answer is for everyone.

Yet this man, Tinubu, singlehandedly nominated my loving Prof Yemi Osinbajo who I love so much for many reasons, to replace him on religious grounds. But alas! we have had a Muslim to Muslim ticket at the June 12 election as a reference point, (Abiola and Kingibe), yet they went ahead to win the context, but Bola Tinubu’s leadership felt different in 2014 and gave it out to uncle Yemi willingly.

While I don’t subscribe to the word ‘betrayal’ in politics on account that it is a game, and always in the hands of those who know how to play it best, we should always try to use our eyes to see even whenever we cry. BOLA Ahmed Tinubu deserves some respect more than the way those he helped their aspiration in the past treated him ahead of the just concluded APC Primary.

From the occupant of the number one seat today, Buhari, his vice Osinbajo and the third seat of the Senate President Ahmed Lawan; Bola Tinubu was, directly and indirectly instrumental to their occupant of those seats with both his resources and the structure he has built over the years, including at the NASS level.


Probably I am not too current if there is anyone among other APC Aspirants that videos of their screening got leaked. But to my understanding, it was only Bola Tinubu’s screening video that was made open to the public live.

This was another attempt to embarrass Jagaban by those he work for in the past. How John Oyegun became the first National Chairman of APC to replace the Acting Bisi Akande was one God and the decision of Bola Tinubu, instead of Adam Oshiomole also from Edo state, which was for some reasons at the time.

Everyone here would still recall the unresolved nationwide crisis in the APC as a result of the incapability of John Oyegun to handle party affairs. The consequence then was the tension in APC and the gravious danger Oyegun’s incompetence posed for the party as the 2019 election approached. Even the chances of Buhari not losing the election became slim under Oyegun’s chairmanship until Bola Tinubu was contacted to rescue the situation, hence the coming of Oshiomole as the new chairman of APC on recommendations.

The above undoubtedly never go down well with the nagging Oyegun.

No doubt, Oyegun’s conspicuous nomination as the screening committee chairman by who knows, was another attempt to humiliate Jagaban.

Trust politician, it was the rife time for Oyegun to take his pound of flesh on Bola Tinubu, hence the leaked screening video and the attendant irrelevant questions on already settled court case of US Unversity certificate, including that of Tinubu primary schools, as if Jagaban did not even go to school at all.

The big question is, would that video have been made public (live) outside the consent of the leader of the screening panel? Who nominated Oyegun for the job? Why was only Tinubu’s screening exercise was made open to the public?

Funnily, how come President Buhari watch all this happen even if the Prrsident suffers from amnesia so easily of all Tinubu has done for him in the past? Should the president forget Tinubu’s stability intervention in the APC crisis ahead of his second term election?

Let’s come to think of it, the so-called Bullion Van saga allegation against Tinubu, if there is anything to take away from it, that incidence actually occurred in the wake of the Buhari’s reelection which earned Tinubu the bad names from the oppositions, yet this Tinubu never lobbied for political appointment, or contracts whatsoever under Buhari administration. He waited for this hours to be compensated with supports he has rendered assisted in the past. Politics some say is a game of give and take.

What sin has Jagaban committed? and does Tinubu deserves all this from the people he made in the past?


Hello! Ahmed Lawan was the candidate of who before he became the Senate President among the northern aspirants? This query is open if many Nigerians are not suffering from memory loss? It was this same Tinubu that fought tooth and nail to ensure Lawan”s emergence among his northern peers. The facts are there.

But alas!, it is now obvious that the forceful inclusion of the controversial CONSENSUS CANDIDACY slot in the electoral bill by the leadership of NASS, led by Ahmed Lawan was a hatchet job against the emergence of Bola Tinubu as APC presidential flag bearer, who many bebelie would not be defeated easily by anyone in APC at the primary.

The last-minute attempt by the new APC Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, to force Ahmed Lawan on the party as a consensus candidate using President Buhari’s name, was a dirty job hatchet long ago to impose a northern candidate on the party, and Ahmed Lawan who presided over the electoral bill controversy, especially the CONSENSUS permutation happen to be that candidate to the shocking and the consternation of all Nigerians for crying out loud! What a dirty and dangerous scheme?

It would be recalled that even the emergence of the present APC National Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu still leaves much to chew in the minds of many Nigerians, especially against the popularity of the peaceful former governor Almakura who was highly rated and popularly believed would clinch the seat.

Now it is very clear, that who plays the piper also dictates the tune. This purposefully an agenda to stop Bola Tinubu’s ambition at all costs, hence the sudden and dangerous pronouncement of Ahmed Lawan as a consensus candidate to fulfil a premeditated plan.

Although save for the Northern state governors’ intervention, both the timing and announcement of Lawan as consensus by Adamu would have spelt doom for the APC given the crisis that would have emanated from that singular action by the controversial APC Chairman. Bad enough it is coming at a critical moment.

It is also suffice to understand that, save for the INEC’s timetable shift, which provided the leeway for the APC to put its house in order in one week, yet Abdullahi Adamu shunned any consequence of his action and loaded crisis awaiting APC, he went for a last-minute commotion, a deadly one that would not have been healed by APC before INEC closes its deadline.

The question is this, what manner of an APC Chairmanship would Adamu provides for APC as events unfold?

It is recalled that Abdullahi Adamu once quoted for being against the zoning principle of APC and the position of all APC governors, including the Northern state governors that supports Presidency be zoned to the south for equity and justice.

No wonder, Abdullahi Adamu was packaged to become the National Chairman of the party despite his position against the APC as a partyy. One can sense the danger of the hand of Esau and the leg of Jacob in all these.

It is on this note, that I will call on Bola Tinubu to watch his back. It is not over given his victory at the APC primary until it is over.
Tinubu probably might be facing more enemies within his party beyond his reasonings, and need to open his eyes more, particularly as the main Presidential general election collapses less than eight months away.

Some gladiators are still bent on imposing a northern candidate to succeed Buhari against APC interests, and worst still that agenda could still be hatched given the fact that the northern candidacy has emerged from the opposition PDP.


Shola Akingboye, is the Publisher, RegentAfrica Magazine Titles.

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