May 26, 2022

Why High Insecurity Persist in Nigeria – CLEEN Foundation

Yemi Akinsuyi

The CLEEN Foundation, a Non Governmental Organisation, NGO, has disclosed that the persistent high insecurity rates in Nigeria is as a result of bad governance, lack of transparency, and corruption.

The acting Executive Director, CLEEN FOUNDATION, Mrs. Ruth Olofin made this disclosure at the One-Day National Dialogue on Emerging Security and Governance Challenges in Nigeria held in Transcorp Hilton, Abuja on Monday.
The NGO also named lack of accountability for resources, and injustices, which it stated serves as incentives for the security Challenges and as a push factors for some persons indulging in criminality.

The NGO lamented that despite the huge budgetary allocation for the fight against insecurity, the menace has continued to soar higher in the country.

“The fragility of the Nigerian state has never been more evident than now. The continuous overstretched of Nigeria’s security architecture remains a grave concern to Nigerians, who unfortunately bear the brunts of the recent spike in insecurity and the threat levels in the country.

‘The country is besieged by several security challenges from the North, to the South, daily threatening the very foundations of the country and the survival of its people with severe implications for national development. In a shocking reality, the problem of insecurity is fast becoming a common feature of our daily lives in Nigeria.

“The normalisation of insecurity creates an aura of fear where Nigerians are resorting to fate and unable to actively hold the government to account on its obligations to provide effective security for its citizens. Reports of kidnapping, villages invasions by armed bandits, politically motivated killings, terrorism, and others, have characterised public safety and security discourses in the country.

“We cannot but mention the culminative efforts of the government in addressing these perennial challenges. We have seen an increase in defense budgeting over the years and acquisition of required equipment for the military, security operations in crises ridden states of the country, the design and enactment of policies and legal frameworks and their attempt implementation.

“We have also seen the deployment of the military to support the operations of the Nigeria Police Force, primarily saddled with internal security in the country. Despite all these efforts, security challenges have remained a daily norm”, CLEEN Foundation stated.

It querried where the country is getting it wrong in nipping the problem in the bud.
The NGO with the collaboration of Ford Foundation called for the review of, and expansion of the current strategies in addressing these challenges by ensuring wholesome human security and good governance in Nigeria for Nigerians.

Speaking at the event, Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, who was represented by the Commissioner of Police in charge of Federal Operations, Mr. Ebony Emilio, called for concerted efforts by all Nigerians in fighting insecurity.

Baba expressed the police high command’s pleasure in the efforts made by CLEEN Foundation in its advocacy towards a crime free Nigeria.

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