The Acting President Comrade Prince Kehinde Taiga and members of

Committee for the Defence of Human Rights CDHR, receives the Death of Yinka Odumakin with shock and strong feelings that he has made an indelible mark in the struggle for a better Nigeria.

Did Yinka Odumakin demise deal a mortal blow on hypocrisy?

Did it give vent to hypocrisy?

How do we explain the flowing and flowering tribute from those who called Yinka Odumakin the worst of names?

How do we define an elite shamelessly deep in doublespeak?

And how may we build the Republic Yinka Odumakin toiled and died for?

Yinka Odumakin were a thorn in the flesh of slave masters and slave drivers.

Unchanged they seek piety, eulogizing Yinka Odumakin.

Even the chained self-serving souls who wanted Yinka Odumakin dead, sing his praise.

Hypocrisy unchained, you may say, but Yinka in all of this the Victory is yours.

Will the outpouring of love that greets Yinka Odumakin transition cause a resurgence of patriotism?
Will the hypocrites remain so?

Will they buy into our call for a rework and restructure of this beleaguered project?

Will their hypocrisy blind them yet against restructuring?

Their choice, noble or ignoble will not remove from the greatness of Yinka Odumakin fight.

Yinka, here you are the Victor.

The High and the Low have written nice words of you.

The mighty and the weak sing your song.

Dr Joe Odumakin your soulmate have written a soul rending brief.

And this Prose is but a question mark on our collective conscience, seeking an indelible tribute for Yinka by calling on all to walk the invaluable streets of restructuring, it was your last trumpet, it is your Victory.

Rest with the Saints Triumphant Comrade Yinka.
Rest with the Angels, brave one.
Rest with the benevolent spirits relentless fighter.
Rest on Yinka, for your voyage through mortality has left you a place amongst the Greats, you are the Victor.
Fare thee Well, Comrade Yinka Odumakin.

May God grant your family and all those you left behind the fortitude to bear this great loss.

Gerald O Katchy
National Publicity Secretary
Committee for the Defence of Human Rights

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